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cool ay

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Yep. Absolutely. I'd own that...



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thats way cool!!! id

thats way cool!!! id definatly own it!!


Same colour combo that I have.

Not quite as low, no rear suicide door/pillarless and not 350. But green with gold pearl, white roof and tan interior.... love the pinstripe, something to consider when I get the green redone later this year- damn rust....

Will be stoopidly low once I make my mind up on wheels, but not sure what yet. Intro rally in 18 inch look like a front runner also dragway DB18, either way it will be billet....

My Shed

Extra cool!love it!

Extra cool!love it!

Cheers Al!.
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.........../____|___ |__\___


I'd like it more if it was real, or would I?

yes please

yes please

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