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cool ay

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Yep. Absolutely. I'd own that...



-_--_--_ _______._
_--_-_ -/___+__|__\__
.,.,.,.,,.,|_O ________O_|

thats way cool!!! id

thats way cool!!! id definatly own it!!


Same colour combo that I have.

Not quite as low, no rear suicide door/pillarless and not 350. But green with gold pearl, white roof and tan interior.... love the pinstripe, something to consider when I get the green redone later this year- damn rust....

Will be stoopidly low once I make my mind up on wheels, but not sure what yet. Intro rally in 18 inch look like a front runner also dragway DB18, either way it will be billet....

My Shed

Extra cool!love it!

Extra cool!love it!

Cheers Al!


I'd like it more if it was real, or would I?

yes please

yes please

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