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What master cylinder to use??? Hg 4 wheel disk brakes...?

Just tryin to find out what master cylinder to use on my hg... Specs are
345mm twin piston hopper stopper front brakes
Rear brakes are of a vx club sport not sure what size
I had the original twin diframe booster reconditioned

I just am not sure wat mc to use, 7/8, 1, 1"1/8, single bail twin bail, ect ect
Any one could recommend something that would be great

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Brake master

Ive got vt twin piston calipers with VL disc brake rear in my brothers HR i was using a 1'' master but it had a spongey pedal so we have upgraded to a VT 1 1/8 mastercylinder and the brakes will now throw u thru the window !!!

How did u mount the mc? Bolts

How did u mount the mc? Bolts are in a different position? And what booster r u using?
Thanks sam

Master Adapter

Not sure if it will be the same, but CRS do a master cylinder adapter to convert the bolt pattern on the HQ-Z over to fit a VT master cylinder
Part number----MCA001


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