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EJ Wiring Diagram

EJ Wiring Diagram

I needed to get hold of the EJ Wiring Diagram, here is a copy if anyone else needs the same.

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wiring diagrams

Adding to yours here's a heap for HRs http://gallery.oldho...

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Here is HQ-HZ if anybody

Here is HQ-HZ if anybody needs it.


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I wouldn't trust them

These diagrams may be ok for basic model wiring, I don't know, but I've checked the Ellery manuals for HQ Statesman wiring and they're very incomplete. For example, no air-con option, no glovebox lamp wiring and no front seat footwell lamp wiring.

Ask yourself, if they get that wrong, what else is wrong?

I wouldn't trust an Ellery manual. Maybe be they're ok for "disconnect the battery" type of stuff, but for detailed accuracy, I'd use only OEM, or Gregory's/Hanes.

Just my opinion, cheers all.

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