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HQ brakes on KTG

HQ brakes on KTG

Not all that happy with the amount of increased track:( Reckon shes gained 80 mm all up:(
What other options are there for KTG that doesnt increase track?

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I can recall that there was a kit out many years ago that used leyland p76 discs as the track increase was minimal with their use.( Rod Hadfield conversion from memory ). Have done a few conversions using volvo discs and calipers( four piston) on lc/lj which is basically the same setup as hk/t/g. The volvo caliper mount is half a bolt hole out compared to the lj/hg stub meaning a welding and redrilling job that will probably not pass for rego! Having said that!, I have never seen a welded and redrilled caliper mount or stub axle fail in the many years I was involved in motorsport !.



Hopper stoppers do a kit with the P76 discs. Stud pattern will be Ford, unless they can supply them blank or redrilled. It won't bring the track in 80mm. More like about 20 from memory.

Goon's Lookin the Goods Deano

I know you've probably just bought the wheels, but is there clearance to alter the backspace at all? That is distance between the inner edge of the rim and the mounting surface of the wheel. If you could move the wheel centre out, and the rim inboard, it may reduce your track a little.

track after hq conversion

if you use hq stud pattern torana wheels the offset is different and reduces the track to almost factory

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