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Kiama Car show

The host club the EJ EH Holden Owners Club Southern NSW put on a fabulous day - my first show in years, did anyone else go?

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I was actually on holidays in kiama for a couple of days, i saw your ute & van, it was very cool! lots of great cars on display.

Cheers Al!..

Kiama Car show

that original HK monaro - a creamy colour - I loved that..and that big blue Bus was awesome

oldholden Shed link:

Kiama Car Show

I was there all weekend too
Great to see lots of ladies showing their cars, a really nice orange SLR5000 owned by a lady took out a prize as did that lovely original HK monaro

oldholden Shed link:


yeah there were a few nice monaros,put in kiama car show on search this site,i took pic of oldscool eh panelvan,im into nostalic looking vehicles.i have more pics soon,hope you had a good day time at the show was pretty limited so fit what i could in.cheers al

Cheers Al!..

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