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Engine swap

Hey guys, I was wondering whether anyone has had any experience putting a Chevy 235 blue flame engine into a hq? What modifications are required? What gearbox/autos could I run?
Thanks, brad

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if your talking 235

if your talking 235 blueflame(up to 58 or so,look like a big grey motor ) its a backward step .they are pretty slow(i had a couple of 53s years ago)crappy bellhousing setup(for working on),spares arent cheap and limited perfomance gear(in aust at least) but they did come out with a cast iron powerglide.the later ones (look like a big red motor) were fitted to south african holdens from at least hr on(by hq they were 250 ci and have quiet a few factory gearbox choices-all the chev v8 ones(i have a 235(3500)motor here with a factory fitted holden m20 behind it).these later motors grew to 250 and 292.the s\a hr,s had a recessed firewall but i think by hq they fitted fine.cheers

Thanks. So for either of the

So for either of the engines you mentioned above I won't have any clearance problems? So a m20/m21 will bolt straight up?what engines mounts are you using? What about ergo/engineers cert? Will this be a problem?



Early 235's used a front

Early 235's used a front mount which was basically two lugs on the timing cover.
The later had engine mounts like a Holden red.
Physically a bigger motor. I have a 58 blueflame next to a 186 if you need some measurements. Stay clear of the early Stovebolts, they are a babbit (poured ) bearing and are very expensive to rebuild.
Easy way to tell is to look at the sideplate. Early ones had a sideplate which went all the way up the side of the block and head (bad), whereas the insert bearing type (good) have the sideplate only on the block.

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Why why why???? Waste of time and $. Drew

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you still havent said whether

you still havent said whether its an early 235 or a later 235.there is no easy gearbox adaption to a blue flame(you will have to make an adaptor\bellhousing )even the later models you will have to make engine mounts(they are totally different to holden)and reverse the sump on most.i have only seen one other s\a chev6 to m20 in australia so you definatly dont have much chance of getting the mounts and bellhousing in aust(slight maybee)=if you know wheather its a blue flame or a later 235 it helps(later 235s are not blue flame motors)for us to give info.

Thanks guysI'm pretty surs

Thanks guys
I'm pretty surs its a blueflame. Is a blue flame the car engine abduction the other a truck engine or Is that complete wrong?
Thanks brad

a stovebolt (215 ci)was

a stovebolt (215 ci)was fitted in cars and trucks until 1948 or so. a blueflame(235)was from then until 1958\9 or so and fitted to cars and trucks.the later 235(and 250) was fitted to cars.the 250 and 292 were in trucks.later motors are not blue flames.if it has a rocker cover like a grey motor and no oil filter it is a blue flame. if it looks like a giant red motor and has an oil filter its a later one.the "or so"is used because american and aussie model years run different. what did your motor come out of...

its a blue flame then. im

its a blue flame then. im pretty sure it was out of a 54 with a slopey back, not sure of the model. alright so what do i need to put a blue flame in then? just brainstorm anything and everything
thanks brad

that was me just wasnt logged

that was me just wasnt logged in ^^

alright it didnt come up. its

alright it didnt come up. its a blue flame then. it came out of a 54 with a slopey back, not sure of the model. so what do i need to put a blueflame into y hq ute then? just brainstorm anything and everything, the more the better.

Blue flame

Why bother?
A Blue flame is like putting in a big grey engine, from memory they were a 5 bearing crank like the grey. Sell the blue flame to the Chevy restoration crowd and drop a 202 in your HQ.

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What's the hp and ft/pounds

What's the hp and ft/pounds comparisonbetween a 235 and (202?

ill go one better than

ill go one better than dick,putting a blueflame in would be worse than putting a grey motor in(at least grey motors had reasonably good fuel economy).unless its a paddock basher just to get it going. in money stakes it will cost thousands in mounts,bellhousing,engineer etc.

alright. thanks for that, ill

alright. thanks for that, ill stick with a holden motor then

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I have never been able to relax over the Oiling System the Big Ends got in Blue Flame Engines ... http://gallery.oldho...

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