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f**ing rust

hey guys, whats the best way to get rust out/hide it so it will go through road worthy, of your chassis(leagally preferably)?



Depends how bad it is. If its a few bubbles , sand it back , bog it , or just spray over it. If its bad, get a quote from a panel beater...if you find the right one it may only cost a couple hundred of bucks. Pends if you wanna keep it or push it over a hill.....

i've got the name of a guy here in rocky who specializes in that sort of thing, was gonna do it myself (with help from dad), but i would prefer to have it done pro.

you cant beat the clasic lines of a lc torana:)

Use a Metal tooth brush scrap all out,use rust converterLet it dry out .Then fiberglass the area or u can use nicki and the spray the natural colour.There is a place near canterberry that dos all the enamle colours 4 there cars and that should pass it.

hey mate . yeah i just got my first car HQ Premier and on the side panals some of it has completly rusted through. What i did was i sanded and cut any ecxess [Naughty Pottyword] off and then i used a oxidiser which returnd it to a neutrul state. Then i cut a piece off another car door weiled it on and fitted it in grinded that down evanly and than i puttyed over it and resprayed it. It looks original and its only when you look up closely you can tell. hope it helps