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Holden Badge/emblem

Holden Badge/emblem

I Have just foundout some info on this and no its not a aftermarket emblem and only acouple were made, its royal and its was brought out when the Queen came to Adelaide in 1963, Its very Rare and as it has all its peices it worth alot more than what we thought :)
I have already had a very high offer from a Holden Collector in the uk so i was pretty pleased but beacuse this peice is very rare and can't be found in this condition, i believe it will go back in the cupboard for afew more years. :)

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It would have to be an

It would have to be an aftermarket item i think,never seen one like that before.


A belt buckle maybe?

Its def a car emblem for a

Its def a car emblem for a grille but unsure what off and i was told today it could be Holden as it a wembly lion and its stone ball but i have no idea, I hope to get some answers and info

Non Holden.... Made by

Non Holden.... Made by RENAMEL in England.

are you about to sell it and just trying to increase your chances of a sale ?

its getting closer to Christmas........


Not selling this peice atm

Not selling this peice atm just wanting to know more about it, i can't find even another pic of this anywhere or any info its doing my head in lol

Nice badge

I want! I want! That looks really cool. How big is it?

Its about 10cm high and 6 cm

Its about 10cm high and 6 cm in length and yeah its a very nice peice and very rare as i have been told as it can't be found

i Want it to be a hip flask


She was just a whiskey maker, but I loved her still.


If it's made in England it

If it's made in England it would probably be a Vauxhall badge.

Old is good.


I have seen similar syle badges on ebay, with the same packaging. Not sure where they are made tho.

My Shed

its not a genuine Holden part

its not a genuine Holden part , its a after market part.was never made by Holden for any Holden model , but may have been used by holden body works when holden made car bodies for other makes back in the 30's 40's



The Holden badge which they put on other cars (Chevs, Pontiacs, Buicks, etc) were small oval brass badges, about 1-1/2" long, definitely not the one in the photo.
Holdens were sold (probably still are) in Britain.

"If your car has quarter vents, a diff at the back, and was available with wind-down windows, you may talk to me.
Otherwise I am not interested. Amen."

The question has been

The question has been answered, let google be your friend. The company renamel still exists and manufactures badges for car clubs etc, or whatever you want them for. Look them up and order one.

Sticky emblem...

There ya go Kranky, it's an old ad but provided GMH didn't want to sue yer assoff for using their trademark.


You can just buy the emblem and stick it onto your hip flask.

Grammar: The difference between "knowing your shyte" and "knowing you're shyte".


Don't people just Google, they say they have searched the whole internet etc etc. Anyone can see its an aftermarket item, hey its not even in a GMH box for gods sake. Drew

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not all

If you arent a long time car nut then you wouldnt recognise it as aftermarket.

____[ \__


Not GMH in any way shape or form.



O.H.T.C. original member

Eyes deceive me?

Umm, is that a tiny reflection, or is that a wonky eye on the lion - making it look really scared?


'i'm definately shore that guage wont work with my tuff bango diff and Opal sydcrome box,if it goes though my grill,and I put the breaks on I realize its better with the glimer belt & tunned holly and Ederbrock duel feul webber gaurds, wiht etc primmer.'

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