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Restoring Dreams not Holden

Has anyone watched restoring dreams. It's on Channel 44 in Sydney Tuesday nights at 8.30. It's a Ford show. That Neil Thompson is a fanatic, his attention to detail is amazing. everything he restores is detailed wright down to the last nut and bolt everything is Ford. We need to clone him with Holden alegence. The only thing he dose give up some weakness like faulty gear shift design and brakes. I'm hooked on the show. We need a Restoring Dreams Holden addition. Cheers

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Restoring Dreams..

Yep, seen it. We've just finished series two down here in Melb. Great show, can't wait for series three.
Is there a series three.......?



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There is a guy or company

There is a guy or company that would be good for the Holden show, I thing the place is called Concourse Parts??? They are restoring a few HQ's to a full on level of originality. I have checked out their site and had a goid sticky beak.

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