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how to do a tip forward bonnet on a FJ HOLDEN

hi all I want to tip my bonnet forward on my FJ any thoughts on how to do this and has anyone done it and what trouble did you find

My HX problems

Hi, I have a HX Kingswood and I've been working on it for about a year or so to make it my daily driver. All suspension is new and all bushes too, but I took it out the other day to get the wheels aligned and the car was making a loud tapping noise coming from the rocker cover. Also while turning through a round about the car for some reason tried to stall. I did change the manifold and carbi to a 350 Holley with auto choke. If anyone has any info on what could cause my problem I would really appreciate it.

Wanted EJ / EH Bumper bar over ridders ( one pair)

I want to purchase a set of ej/eh bumper bar over riders, prefer straight with ok chrome but would settle for getting rechromed. I live in Ipswich Qld but would pay postage if needed, please let me know if you or anyone you know has a set. Thanks

I want to put mirrors under my bonnet, what should I use?

Hi All again, I want to install mirrors under the bonnet of my ej sedan in the triangles that are there to give a motor reflection, it would need to withstand the heat as I intend on driving the car but just weekends and cruising.
Has anyone done this and what did you use? I was going to use mirrored Perspex but worried it would melt. please send all your thoughts through

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Trimatic linkages

Hey all after some quick info! I have a wb 308 trimatic, column shift, I have a new trimatic bit the selectee is on the left, is there any way I can use this auto keeping it column shift?

Cheers fp

ej holden door courtesy light wiring

Hi just wondering if any body could shed some light on my ej holden interior light problem
I have the 2 wires heading up to the dome to make the light these I know go into the rear light switch, I have no idea what powers them and why they turn on and off with the doors opening, I have the 2 little activators that work when the doors open but where do the wires go. can anyone explain the wiring or point me somewhere where I can find out? cheers

hd hr ute van rear bumperbars

For sale rear bumper bars to suit
hd hr van or ute complete reasonable condition
asking price $120.00 ono contact me on 0412098257
i am located in sydney liverpool area . SPONSOR

hz interior

hi guys

need help I'm searching for interior parts in the buckskin colour for my Hz.
I mainly in need of sun visors, dash parts and pillar moulds.

WTB: Quadrajet metering rods

Hello Ladies and Gents,
I'm currently looking for some primary metering rods to suit a Quadrajet carby. I'm looking for some 48M rods though would consider 46M or 47M rods aswell, but they must be M series rods.
An obscure request, I know. Hopefully someone has a crate of parts kicking around the shed Very Happy

I would also consider secondary metering rods other than AN, CX, CH, DH, or DA as a way to broaden my collection.

Whilst I don't necessarily need any more carb cores, I would certainly be interested in buying any complete or incomplete quadrajets that are headed for the bin or the scrap yard as a way to preserve them.

Let me know what you've got


Ej Holden sedan Boot and locks, what other old holdens fit?

Hi I was wondering what other model locks fit an Ej Holden sedan? All I know is that the ej and eh are different with the boot locks but not sure what models will fit. Also I am having trouble getting a set that has the ignition, boot and doors all matching is that normal? All help appreciated.

gearbox for vs statesman

just after some advice as I am building a charity car for camp quality escarpade and my question is

I want to convert a vs supercharged statesman from auto to manual will a full conversion from a vs commodore fit and are the motors the same thanks for any advice cheers

Wanted to buy! 308

Hi all!

I'm chasing a good condition running 308 if anyone can help me out!

Cheers do

69 HK Belmont - What should I do?

Hi Everyone,

I'm 17 and I've got some ideas of what I might do to my family's (bought new by my dads' grandma) HK Belmont Sedan. It sat in a well sheltered shed for about 10 years until I was old enough to like and be part of mechanics.
I'm pretty sure this was the base model car so is it worth restoring?
Controversially, I would like to make this car look as "modern" as possible (sporty I guess...), I'm really into old Jap cars but seeing as I already have this - including its' heritage - I may as well use it.

It has a rust hole under the right chassis rail at the very front. Is that patchable or does it have to be fully replaced.

wb statesman no high beams when clicked on

hey guys. ive just bought a wb caprice. and the high beams wont work when clicked on(all the lights go out). it has a new dimmer switch. now when i pull the switch on just before it clicks they work but once theyre clicked on they wont. any ideas?

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Cheap Soda Blasting

I've been researching soda blasting for car restos for about a year and a half and last week I stumbled on the Karcher accessory. 1 bag of soda and the accessory was $200, will need to test on a complete door to work out the ROI.

After hx hz twin headlight wiring loom

G'day guys just purchased another 1 tonner and I'm gonna tidy it up a bit. Previous owner has modified the wiring looms to add a sound system and all that garbage and I was gonna start again from a standard loom. If anyone has one they wanna get rid of email me at:

Anyone keen for my FX, QUICKSALE

If my account doesnt sort out and my sale falls through for my fx. Ready to be restored. For a measly $1900, is anyone else interested? Its missing a few things but has doubles of other things. She is fx, with nearly all the driveline. It has totally complete motor, gearbox, diff, brakes, suspention, wheeks etc and some chrome, no seats or left hand doors, she needs sills and floor. Maybe? Parts are worth about $4500. Im in the Newcastle area and would hand it over for $1900 cash on pick up, but before the 23rd of January. Call Chris on 0402492393, Thanks everyone, have a good arvo.

Father Son HQ van restoration project

My son, who is 14, and my husband are starting a ground up complete restoration of a 1973 HQ van. They want me (wifey) to update their photo gallery and shed. I can't work out how to get started with creating our gallery which I need to link to the shed..... any hints and tips welcome...

shed clean out

shed clean out have parts as listed

vn bonnets 1 red and 1 white $50 each

vn guards white $20 each

hr bootlid with badges and boot trim $80

hr passenger guard minor rust in ok condition $80

vlcommodore bonnet $60

vn front bumper $30

hr front bumper in ok condition with all brackets $15

vl commodore and vn commodore front bumper supports $10 each

parts are in penrith cheers

First Drive

had my first drive today after 9 years in the shed,stoked like you cant believe,was a great day

here is the link on youtube:

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