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Vt commodore engine mounts

Hey guys Vt commodore almost an old Holden question haha. My wife is going to buy a Vt off a bloke and he said there is a 1000 bucks to be spent on it as he was quoted that amount for new engine mounts to be bought and put in. Is he for real or having her on, I can't imagine engine mounts being that expensive? I know nothing about new commodore motors. Please help

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$1000 for mounts?

Unless there are other problems with the car that also need attention.

VT mounts

Maybe the mounts he was quoted for come attached to a Reco motor and gearbox?

VT Engine mounts

Sounds like a quote from a Holden Dealer to me. The mounts can be brought from the aftermarket for less than $100 each, to fit them you'll need to lower the engine x-member down so as you can access the mounts to be able to remove and replace them from the engine, most mechanics would charge around $300-$400 plus parts to replace VT engine mounts.

I was quoted $457 by the

I was quoted $457 by the local holden dealer just to do an oil change and filter on the VR vs gearbox.


VT engine mounts

Can be buggers to fit...but $1000 ...W.T.F!!!??
As said, you have to drop the K-frame....although some can be "wangled" out after loosening a few bits. Funily it always seemed harder to get the old ones out that it was to fit the new ones in!. The mounts are starting to become a common thing to be replaced....its not something out of the ordaniary :)


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vt engine mounts

i can fit them without lowering the k-frame - on the ground with jackstands and basic hand tools, to the amazement of the other local mechanics, last i did for my sisters bloke i charged him $375 including the mounts.

it helps to bend up a spanner to the correct angle.

VT mounts

Just got mine done and total cost incl labour was $280 in Horsham. Thought I would check the price of the mounts since they seemed expensive to me. After reading this I think I did well. Well also considering have done 372,000km

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