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Owning a old holden as everyday car


After spending the weekend under the BMW i kinda got to thinking maybe its time for me to buy old Holden has everyday car

Now i normally talk to my oldman about this stuff but since i hardly see him or talk to him i thought i would discuss it with people who know more and can help me with things currently rattling around in my brain

Now main things i want to know is what is it like owning old holden as an everyday car is it constant work to keep them on the road is it going to burn a hole in my pocket like my current car is doing i understand they all need general maintenance but i dont want to spend all my time fixing it either

Some ideas of what im thinking about

Something in HZ HQ HX range ethier ute or wagon must defiantly be a V8 and preferably an auto and must have power steering because of my back but also the car needs to be upto task of towing the HT

What is 253 like do they have guts under load

What sort of price would i be looking at for decent everyday car

This just some of whats in my head and hope some of guys here can help me filter through it because once i get tailshaft fixed i think its time for her to move on to new owner




Great Question!

I own a 1975 HJ Holden Ute. 253 engine with a trimatic gearbox. If you are a bit mechanical, you will be able to most of the up keep of the car. They are as easy as scratching your butt to work on, very simple, and in my case very reliable. In my ute, i seem to go through ball joints, but i think that that mainly comes down to me living on a farm, and the front end tends to get thrashed around a bit, but if you are living in town, im sure this would be less of a problem.
As for pulling your HT---My ute has the standard suspension, so a bit of weight tends to look like alot. I replaced all brakes to disc. I have a car trailer that weights 750kgs, i then put a 1936 Hudson Terraplane on it which weighs around 1750kgs mark. The ute pulls it fine, just have to take her steady. Dont really go any faster that 90/95kph. I had considered putting heavy suspension, but dont need to.

As for price....How long is a piece of sting. It depends on how much you wanna spend, what extra things do you want on the car, do you need to make any mods to the car for your back? Special seats? Fuel economy isnt that crash hot, i get about 460ks out of a tank. I drove a red 202, with the same size tank as mine, and o got about 580ks,

Hope this mix of jumbled up words and terrable "gramer" (grin) helps.


Cover the likelihood of Breakdowns by keeping the Parts at hand and buying them at reasonable Prices as they appear (Alternator, Fuel Pump, Brake Pads/Linings).

LMH is a big believer in 253 and provided the info at this Page ... http://holdenpaedia....

Be aware that Core Shift caused many V8's to tear up Rear Cam Lobes ... http://holdenpaedia....

Pay particular attention to the Inlet Manifold. If you get Valley Leak, then one ruined Engine will soon result if you don't fix the thing *immediately* ... http://holdenpaedia....


My Shed

Holdenpaedia, they're the brakes Mate.

Hi All

In its day, these holdens were great, well the HQ's lasted 30-40 years

I just placed my 1982 WB statesman on historic rego

I will get stoned for saying this, but i never really likes the 6's , i was very happy with the 253's and i find the 308 to be not much faster and guzzle more fuel.

A 253 wit the stock 2bbl strombers is a good choice as daily driver and the odd tow , a nice exhaust gives it a rumble and the small 2bbl limits fuel, you can go 350 holly . 390/465/600 holley or use the 308 4bbl manifold and the VC commodore 253 rochester

Electronic ignition will help but dont expect miracles

Once sorted out, its just oil changes and regular service

Replacement parts are the problem, they wont last as long as original - especially steering components fuel pump water pump.

Shocks, brakes , radiator are all easy to change and cheap

Find once with power steer and air and you have a great driver

Rust is the big killer

Quality of replacement parts is the answer, service intervals are pretty far apart these days- just remember every 3 months to change oil and filter - its cheap and easy to do and your engine will love it


Any old car can be a good daily driver.
In the late 1960s I went to school with some kid's whose family car was a 1928 Graham Paige (original, unrestored). It was the only car they had, was well maintained and it went everywhere. It seemed ancient back then, but it was no older than a HQ is today.
Some old daily drivers around here: 1962 Morris Minor, EH sedan, HK Premier, 1948 Chev, Austin A30. These are all the only car their owners have and are genuinely driven every day.
My point is that the age of your car doesn't matter, it's how well it is maintained that keeps it going.
I'm with gmh1961, a stock 253, maybe with a five speed, would be a great daily driver.

Old is good.

uterus I used to have a couple of terraplane a 37 and 38. my father had a 55 Super Wasp.
how does yours drive? I spent about a week scraping the remetalled big ends on mine.
replaced the cork clutch with about 94 corks bought from the local chemist, ground down to size.


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