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Rusty bring patches back

Rusty bring patches back please one of those would look nice on race suit :)


i have a spare patch here, if you want it then let me know and i'll send it to you :-)

I will gladly take that be

I will gladly take that be greatly appreciated as well i send yay an email over the weekend and we go from there



Mark, i have your patch ready to send, i just need you to send me your address


anyone else with a spare patch, I'd love one for my swapmeet bag happy to pay!!

thanks Kevin

Kev's Monaro shed

HOLDEN The Great Way to Move


i'll have a look, i might have another 1

Kev 2

good news Kev, i found you 1!

send me a email with your address and i'll send 1 too you

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