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Buffing Clear Coat

recently bought a vs statesman which has a lot of light scrathes in the clear coat & was wondering if they can be buffed out ?


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you could cut it back lightly with 1500 wet & dry to remove the marks but since new cars these days are quite thin on paint do it very carefully i did a troop carrier a few yrs back and it had the thinnest coat of factory paint i have ever come across

other than that try some course buffing compound and carfully buff till the scratches are gone

Put some pictures up if the

Put some pictures up if the scratches are light they will buff out if not you will have to use wet and dry paper would be good(if they are very deep) if you had a paint thickness gauge as u will be able to see how much paint u have to play with .

What buffing machine do you have and products?

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have an angle grinder type buffer,multi speed & just standard buffing compound.

cheers for your advise

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