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Non serviceable U-joints


Just have a general question about my BMW but it is regarding Uni joints i figure uni joints are all the same no matter the car.

Is it possible to grease non serviceable U-joints or is it possible to make them so they can be greased

I know the point non serviceable means throw away and replace but i haven't been able to find replacement U-joints before Easter break

So i was just wondering if there is anything i can do to lube them up again at-least give them a little bit more life if there not seized


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Some of the Euro stuff is welded in or peened in with a hammer and so tricky to remove.
If they can be hammered out the same as an Old Holden then it may be possible to pull them apart and repack them IF they are not all worn out and sloppy. I did this on my HG as a trade school exercise once.
What is the reason for wanting to change them in the first place? Squeaks, vibration or clunking? Dont take any chances with tailshafts, if the uni breaks it will be a bad thing for your safety!

Yeah they are tack welded in

Yeah they are tack welded in four tack welds on each cap i dont wanna dismantle them in case they fall to bits which is a high chance at 25 years of age

Over Easter im changing the center bearing because its decided to let go completely and now its banging on floor and the exhaust it cant wait any longer and i need car for work plus tail shaft shop wants $680 to replace unis and re-balance and thats with removal and all parts supplied by me plus its not in the budget right now fingers crossed its just center bearing

im just hoping unis are not seized as it has two unis one up front one in the middle thats why i wondered if it was possible to get anything in them

un-greasable joints cured by a shot from a grease needle

You can get two types of grease needles, one type is like a syringe needle with a grease nipple on the other end...pierce the dust cap and squirt some grease in,or the other type is like a fine pointed tube for flush mount or hard to reach nipples.
Both types are available on eBay.

Have you considered getting a

Have you considered getting a one-piece tailshaft made?
A tailshaft specialist could probably do it for less than the cost of rebuilding your BMW shaft.
Have you tried a BMW specialist wrecker for a used shaft to get you by until yours is fixed properly?

Old is good.

Car needs two piece shaft for

Car needs two piece shaft for some reason

Second hand shaft starts at $350 which was the plan from start but couldn't get one in SA and adding freight just made it not worth it


Send me an email with the details of the car. I have a customer in Condell Park, Sydney that specialises in BMW new and used parts. They may have a solution for you to save you money.


Try these blokes...I used the Vic. version when I was working on used cars. Mazda b2600 utes had a no-sevice uni...they used to fit one that could be replaced.
Southcott Engines Adelaide SA - (08) 8368 3777


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have you been to u-pull-it

was there the other day, was a few BMW's in the yard, might be your lucky day

HR classic not plastic

Yeah been there no luck

Yeah been there no luck trouble with euro cars there all different for most years ordering parts is hard enough gotter give them vin number to find parts lol

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