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Re ; Electronic ignition 9V 12V supplementary question

Hi people I know this subject has been done to death and I apologies in advance for asking these questions again, I have read the material in Holdenpeadia and this is very useful, I have two questions I would like to ask in relation to electronic ignition conversion for my 179.

The electronic. Dizzy I have is any early WB unit.

Can I use my existing coil with the electronic ignition up grade

I have an old school tacho do I have to up upgrade my tacho for the electronic ignition.

Thanks for any advice in advance.

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NO its the wrong type
you need a hec 716 the right coil to suit that distributor

there around $65 at bursons
the old coil is suited to a points type ignition system

tacho will be ok with new

tacho will be ok with new coil

Thank you very

A bit of plain speak goes along way. Cheers

You can have any colour you like, as long as its Fowlers Ivory,

Thank you for your comments

A bit of plain speak is helpful cheers

You can have any colour you like, as long as its Fowlers Ivory,

Let me know how you go with

Let me know how you go with the tacho... I was under the impression the older tachos for point dizzys won't work with electronic ones. Or rather, they weren't supposed to be accurate. There was a thread on this....

CDI and Tachos

CDI is a problem for Tachos. You need a CDI with a Tacho Driver Connection.

A Tacho will fail if connected directly to the Coil with CDI due to the high Voltage the CDI delivers to the Coil Primary Circuit.


My Shed

Holdenpaedia, they're the brakes Mate.

i installed my gauges before

i installed my gauges before i did my engine change
tacho works the same on both points and elec dizzy
no problems on my car

daniel d

Tach probs.

I fitted a leccy dizzy last year, this year my rev counter started to play up. Eventually it karked it. I wasn't too worried, as I fitted it to the dash waaaayyyy back in '86!

They don't make em like they used too!

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