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trying to get back on topic in a sort of way

Well if I start off topic leading into on topic, but going back off topic again that has a little to do with on topic, maybe it might turn the cards and get things back on topic.....

I am doing a mystery run for the Holden club (on topic) and am going to do prizes for this and that, but im stuck with prizes for kids (off topic) the range is between say 5 and 15 and have about $50 bucks to spend, i am doing lolly bags, but need some good suggestions on some sort of prizes that will cover the age group between 5 and 15??????
For the Holden cruise mystery run..(back on topic again)

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On/off topic..

What about I-tunes vouchers? Every kid uses them.
Theatre/movie passes?



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A Tennis Ball

A Tennis Ball


Off'n topic...

Small Lego kits (cars), Hotwheels cars, all jokes aside SUNNY BOYS, stickers, Teck-decks, hand grips for scooters/bikes, small LED torch, key rings....hows that for a start..??


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Kid gift?

Pretty much any kid I've seen get a gift, up to about 12, seems stoked to get a handball. You can even get a good value 4 pack from the Mart with the big K.

Apart from that, all kids could do with a good kick up the pants.


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Van halen CD's always a

Van halen CD's always a winner

But seriously is it mixed male, female do you know how many there will be attending i tend to agree with HRambo i-tunes voucher maybe hard with such large age group

A Spade ..... now what kid

A Spade .....
now what kid has a spade...





The type that digs holes... that fill with water, and are called Dale...



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An orange. Full of vitamin C

An orange. Full of vitamin C and good for them. They then can't complain one kid got something better than another.
Oh, make sure it's an Australian orange too.



I don't know as yet what kids will be attending, but anything like other cruises its mixed, I was thinking a movie voucher but an iTunes voucher is spot on. cheers Tim and everyone for the input.

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You have to pay people to

You have to pay people to attend your cruises??



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pay people

Wtf?????? It is a mystery cruise, have you never done one?

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Where's it going.
hope you don't get bogged



be a mystery cruise if i told where its going lol

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