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Ign. coils...9v or 12v???

My understanding between 9v or 12v OUTPUT ignition coils,is the 9v (for points-style dizzy) has a recessed hole in top,so the lead from centre of points dizzy cap plugs INTO coil....and 12v OUTPUT (for example for Bosch electronic ign.-from a blue motor) has `male` pin in top of coil that plugs into lead.

I just purchased a Bosch GT40T coil (squarish shape,not the round `beer can` shape) but it has a recessed I`m thinking its the wrong one if I want to run it on elect. dizzy and 1.5mm plug gap....besides the lead would then be wrong.
If I take it back,can someone recommend the proper 12v output bosch coil I should have???
many thanks

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GT40T Coil

A GT40T Coil is a Breaker Point Coil that runs directly from 12 Volts. It only supports a Gap of 1.0 mm. The T stands for Transformer, meaning it is not the Oil Filled Beer Can design. It is not an High Energy Coil.

You need an HEC-716 Coil which is an High Energy Coil with a male Plug Lead Connector as shown here ... http://holdenpaedia....

This Coil supports a Gap of 1.5mm.

Note that this Coil has been superceded by a later Model as mentioned under Parts, Coil http://holdenpaedia....

The GT40R or a GT40RT are 9 Volt Coils that run with Breaker Points and a Ballast Resistor. The R means a Ballast Resistor is required.

Further info here ... http://holdenpaedia....


My Shed

Holdenpaedia, they're the brakes Mate.

Beer can HEI coil

If you particularly want the oil-cooled metal can HEI coil you could probably still get one from ICE Ignition. They don't advertise them any more but I'm sure they would still have some. They also have the somewhat better E-core (transformer) ones, but whatever is easiest to mount.


me shed...

i have a few good genuine

i have a few good genuine older gt40r coils if any purists are after any.

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