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pollution manifold on red heads?

g'day OH,

i recently bought an unfinished 253 rebuild, all is going well and almost finished except for 1 problem, it has come with a pollution manifold -

i cant really afford another manifold so just wondering if this one will be ok if i just make up a cover plate for egr ports on top. any help appreciated guys

on another note it was great seeing everyone that came out to geelong holden day pity the weather wasn't the best.

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G'day mate,
so your heads are non pollution and the inlet manifold IS?
if this is correct, i think you have to keep an eye at the center bolt hole on both side of the manifold, with different egr styles the bolt was moved around.

if you need a pre-pollution inlet mani for a v8, I might have one i would be willing to part with. let me know ill have a dig.

good luck!

having a 1000hp street car is like having a 12" dick....
- Good luck finding a vagina to fit it! (But we all want one!!)


thanks for the info ill go check out bolts holes, what would you want for manifold and where are you located?


i'm gonna need a another manfold dammit,


hey mate,
so your manifold has egr ports but the heads have none, sound about right?
I have got a std mani (cant remember if its 253 or 308 - only diff. is 2bbl or 4bbl) in the shed somewhere for pre pollution heads, ill dig it out when i get home and try post a pic for u - i say try cause this is my first day on "".

The manifold is just part of my ever growing horde of old holden parts that i am on verge of being on today tonight about :)
so if you need it, im sure we can arrange to get it to you somehow.


$30 would cover a courier im pretty sure,
otherwise come grab it, i live in wahroonga, sydney, 2076 - what would u prefer?

let me dig it ot first to (but i am 100% i have one)





cheers mate would be much appreciated my number is 0434 816 525 give me a call and we'll arrange details


cheers mate, much appreciated, my email is figjamidh @ either amail me or add me to facebook so i can get/give details thanks


hey mate,
should have time to dig around tonight
(i store all my old stuff at dads place, havnt had a chance to go around yet)
i'll let you know how i go!

having a 1000hp street car is like having a 12" dick....
- Good luck finding a vagina to fit it! (But we all want one!!)


no worries mate thanks

guess what!

i will contact you threw facebook, i am daniel berg.

speak soon

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