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Sheet metal folder


I want to make up a center console like most race cars have and make it out of aluminum for switches etc i was looking at buying one of these has anyone got one and can you tell me if they work better than a hammer and the edge of a bench


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Folding brake

We have an older version at school..MUCH better than a bench edge and hammer :)


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Bending Brake

I grabbed one from Radum (can't see the link while at work) and used it over Christmas/New Year 2010 break and it works well.

My model is the wider 850mm(?) version.



(PC 3038)
Send me stuff

Cool cheers for info i think

Cool cheers for info i think i will grab one once i fix the German tank


how thick do you want to fold that says 16 gauge which is 1.5mm in new speak lol, i would be using atleast 2mm to make a center console 1.5 ally is flimsy as [Naughty Pottyword]

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