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Learner drivers

When being a passenger for a learner driver, can you talk on the phone?

If the learner speeds, fails to give way etc, I beleive the passenger will also be fined too. The driver can't talk on the phone, but can the passenger?


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From the rta (nsw);

Avoid using the radio, mobile phone or talking to other passengers while the learner is practising.

And this is the law;


Responsibility of person supervising holder of learner licence
16 Responsibility of person supervising holder of learner licence

(cf cl 12 (5) 1999 Reg)
A person accompanying a learner in a vehicle being driven by the learner on a road or road related area (other than a person submitting the learner to a driving test for any of the purposes of this Regulation) must:

(a) supervise the learner with respect to the driving of the vehicle, and
(b) take all reasonable precautions to prevent a contravention of the road transport legislation.
Maximum penalty: 20 penalty units.

So I think if the supervisor was on the phone it could be argued the learner wasn't being supervised correctly. Generally only the learner receives fine as they are in control of the vehicle, unless the supervisor is intoxicated, then they can be charged. Technically supervisors in cars with dual controls could also be fined as they are also in control of the car.


I'm curious too..
My daughter's had her learners for about 4 weeks, we've got about 4 hours up. I'm sure I wasn't this grey before she started driving...



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The supervisor can

legally talk on the phone. But as fjwb has posted the supervisor can be given a ticket for allowing the learner to breach the road regulations. If the learner driver breaches a road rule they will be given a ticket for the exact offence and the supervisor will receive one for allowing the breach. eg failing to stop at a stop sign at a level railway crossing with stop signs gets the driver a $353, 3 point fine and the supervisor an $88 no point fine.

On a side note all learner drivers in NSW are restricted to 80km/h no matter what state or territory they hold their licence in. Its different if they are on their P's and from another state as they are allowed to drive to the limit they would be allowed to in their own state. The road rules were reworked in 2008 so that they would be the same in all states. However some states were allowed to keep some of their own individual rules. The 80km learner limit is one of these in NSW.

two headlights are better than one

In Qld you can (but God loves us up here)


No worries about passenger/supervisor using phone, but not allowed on loud speaker in Qld, Copy & paste from DTMR website :-

Learners, P1 type licence holders under 25 years of age and P1 type licence holders (who return from a disqualification to a P1 type probationary licence where at the time of the offence they were under 25 years of age) are subject to further restrictions. These licence holders are not permitted to use:

hands-free kits
wireless headsets
loudspeaker functions.
Passengers and supervisors of these licence holders are also banned from using mobile phones in loudspeaker mode while the car is being driven. However, passengers or supervisors can use a hand-held or hands-free mobile phone where only a one-way conversation can occur and not distract the driver.


im still unclear on two way

im still unclear on two way radio usage?the qld rta dont want to give me a straight answer?how do i type a middle finger here?

WHAT? no gravy?

10/4 ambo,go 36 LSB.

10/4 ambo,go 36 LSB.

WHAT? no gravy?


Hi All

Well funny all of that, u have a 38k drive each way to work, and near paramatta, some times i see a nice little asian lady on her L's and what could be her grandma as the adult supervior

Only problem is that you can clearly see grandma is asleep, these 730am driving lessons must be really hard on her

I dont think the supervisor should be on the mobile , come on 9/10 times the calls are mainly s h i t , just like P platers , they get all excited about something stupid some one is talking about on the phone and they want to listen or join in , unfortunatly they dont concentrate on learning to drive - is this the case of learning bad habits ???



My big grumble with learners is that they are essentially learning how to pass a test as opposed to learning how to operate a machine in a competent and confident manner. I firmly believe that new drivers should also be subjected to similar proceedures that motor cycle riders must go through to get a licence, with engine HP out-put restrictions and speed limitations being prerequisite, along with a basic mechanical course so that drivers(operators of a machine) also have an understanding of how the machine works to give them a better grasp of it's limitations. As various levels of competence are achieved, restrictions can be lifted to suit the skill of the driver. I also believe however, that when they are driving on a dual carriageway with 110 km/h limits, they should be able to travel at the speed limit, as the 90 and 100 km/h restrictions in NSW for P1 & P2 causes trucks to undertake dangerous manouvres at high speed to get past them. If they are not confident of driving at that speed limit, then they should be prohibited from that dual carriageway until they are.If the vehicle they are using is not capable of 110 km/h, then it is the vehicle that needs to be prohibited from highways.
As for push-bikies, if they cannot ride at the sign-posted limit, then they should be prohibited from that road also.

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