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1199-15x trim query

Hi there am still searching for a hk/t/g monaro but one I'm trying to persuade a guy on is a hg with interior code 1199-15x wondering if anyone can tell me more about this



does anyone know where to find out what colour interior a car has from codes? looking for this hg ...anything

I can't find any reference to your 1199 Combination Code in any of my HK/T/G information. The only 15X Code is listed in the HG Series Interior Codes and is Indy Orange...

I'd suggest having a look at and asking there as Warren Turnbull or Byron Rich or Dr Terry may know the answer...

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hiya dave thanks again mate you are allways tryign to help out. This car is a hg 253 factory 4 spd monaro with this orange interior and all seems legit guess if I do get it gonna have ahell of a time finding material to fix it hey? darren

1199-15X = indy orange in Roebuck grain vinyl
Indy orange was not available on a Monaro, but was on a GTS or GTS360

This info came from "The Monaro Facts"

ni icecol thanks for your information this interior code is on a car I'm hassling the guy to sell and have not found out anything on it. I can send you some interior photos of this car with the gts impressed in the orange door trims and all seems it's pretty rare. darren

I have the same code 1199-15X listed in my log book and mine is the full Indy Orange vinyl trim...