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holden red/blue/black

can't believe some of the bull[Naughty Pottyword] on this site on getting horsepower out of the old holden six. as an "OLD BLOKE " who has built and raced many reds/blues/blacks ( one with a alloy duggan head pumping out 320 hp on carbs ) i can tell you its not the $$ you spend but the combination you come up with. no use having a trick head and a standard cam and or a set of tripple webers/dellortos and a standard head/cam combo. it must be matched !! if you need help sorting out some mods drop me a line and ill see if i can help you out.



I'm not really into 6's. But can you give me any advice on red 253's please?


Disclaimer: I know absolutely nothing about cars and (puters).

I'm right 98% of the time. Who cares about the other 3%.

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you can contact me at harrys.2.4.6@hotmail... don't spend much time on the computer so don't be offended if i take a while to reply to you !


202's reds main let down is the flow in the head. Even a tricked head with a standard cam is a big improvement. 320hp is a major jump to what most people achieve out of these things but a 40/80 cam with a ported & big valve head with tripple webbers isnt a hard combination to work out because theres allready a large amount of them out there...

I agree that 320hp is a big increase(if running unleaded as we are these days). But aside from the fact that a Duggan head would be considered a very expensive addition to a Holden six. And as such. Wouldn't count in JH's,"its not the $s you spend" call. How many dudes are using, or can even get an alloy Duggan head?
What sort of figures are you getting from a 202 built with readily available parts JH?
Any chance you could post up some photos of the 320hp Duggan headed Red.


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is a total horsepower figure important on a street car?
Im about to rebuild (or get built) a 3.3 efi black motor am using a vn delco computer for me ek it has a 3.08 diff and trimatic what grind of cam should i use and what should i be getting done to the head, the car will be a sunday car only so not real worried about economy to much and is using v8 1:6 rockers a good idea?
would be keen to read a few recipies on how its done.
would a harop super charger be a good idea?(im thinking yes) and what comp ratio and how should it be achieved?

Due to the fact Dreamers want the earth for old 2nd hand parts that are half rooted most of the time. I can no longer be bothered with old holdens.

your are probably right about the duggan alloy head not being affordable ( paid $2500 for head and intake manifold back in late nineties ) but they are still readily available ,as is the similar designed jzed alloy head.Have built sixes in a bit milder tune with off the shelf bathurst 6000 yella terra head, triple 48mm dellorto's etc that have made around 230-250 hp and were still definately streetable.dearest bit is the parts needed to get the old buggers to hang together and be reliable when you rev them hard,but they are a great motor to modify.Had a mate that used to race street car class out at symons plains a few years baak in a th commodore that was getting close to 350 hp ( confirmed on engine dyno ) out of his 200 !had some good gear in it, phil irving head ,tripple 55mm webers ,and big dollar bottom end with carillo rods and cosworth pistons etc.but that was a very special engine thas for sure. used to rev it to 7500 rpm .even a mild setup will get them going okay as long as the head ,cam ,carb and exhaust combo is well matched .


On the street you build for torque, on the track you build for horsepower and gear accordingly.

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