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2009 TK Barina what a peice of sh@t

HI I have owned this car from new its an auto. After about 4 to 6 months it developed a promlem were the revs would jump up and down from 600 to 1600 rmp when you have no acceleration on and just coasting. Holden have tried to fix the problem about five times, still has problems. They have changed the throttle position sensor, EGR valve sensor on the exhaust, crank angle sensor, new wiring on the throttle body they had issues with this on other cars, idle sensor. Now they are trying to tell me its normal what a load of bull. Does antone else own a tk auto Barina and have problems with it. I will never touch another Barina in my life time.



They are actually not a bad car, the problem is there is very little support for them here, even from Holden. The other problem is people who call themselves 'mechanics' who fleece people of money replacing the car piece by piece until they fix the problem. This car needs someone with some diagnostic skills.
What area are you in?
What you need to do is find a repairer with an account with injectronics in Victoria. They won't deal with the general public, or most small repairers. They have a test bench to set up your barina modules to diagnose the fault. one of the more common problems with these is a ecu fault which causes lots of weird problems similar to what you have. (thats an educated guess, but I'm not trying to charge you money!)
Does the car have any other issues that may be related?
Wouldn't this car still be under warranty?
Tell them to contact injectronics for advice.

You think that's a piece of sh1t, try owning a JS Vectra now that's an piece of Opel sh1t.

VT V6 Wagon
HJ 308 UTE (rebuilding) http://www.308hj-ute...

More reason why I drives a HR!

That's a big RPM jump to occur from an increase in Injection alone.

I would think there would need to be an increase in Airflow as well as Fuel Flow.

Does the Engine have Idle Load Compensation for Air Conditioning?
Does the Engine have Cruise Control?
Does the Brake Booster have a Leak?
Has the PCV Hose fallen out of the Engine?The Symptom is like a failed PCV Valve. These are supposed to provide minimum airflow at maximum Vacuum and maximum airflow at minimum Vacuum. If it sticks open you could be getting an high airflow under coasting.

"the revs would jump up and down from 600 to 1600 rmp when you have no acceleration on and just coasting. "

That sounds Vacuum induced to me, meaning that whenever excessive Vacuum appears something opens up, like the Brake Booster.

The above are the sorts of issues that would enable such a large RPM jump.

"They have changed the throttle position sensor,"

I would expect this to cause lean or rich mixture but no big RPM Jump.

"EGR valve sensor on the exhaust,"

I would expect this to create a gag on acceleration and a rough Idle.

"crank angle sensor,"

I would expect hard starting and dead cuts to be associated with this.

"new wiring on the throttle "

I would expect lean or rich Mixture problems poor or no Idle.

"body they had issues with this on other cars, idle sensor."
I would expect lean or rich Mixture problems poor or no Idle.

2 Common problems:
1. The Throttle Body will need cleaning with Carburettor Cleaner.
2. O2 Sensor Blocked.


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Holdenpaedia, they're the brakes Mate.

The idle solonoid that controls idle air bypass is controlled by numerous sensors that feed parameters to the ECU. If one is faulty it may cause RPM to vary but it should leave a fault code. If not then perhaps its a mechanical fault and something like a faulty engine brathing system affecting manifold vacuum could alter RPM but not leave a fault code in the ECU. Tell the repairer to hook up a manifold vacuum guage and go for a drive and read it as they drive. Also if you are cruising at light throttle then you should be travelling at a reasonable speed so in top gear. If the auto torque convertor has a fault and is cycling the overdrive in and out or cycling the lock up in the torque convertor in and out it may seem as if the engine rpm is erratic. Check for fault codes in the autotrans ecu.

Maybe faulty air or coolant temp sensor. Has fuel consumption increased?


I've got the exact same problem.
I've had the car for 3 years, only in the last month or so, have i noticed that every few days my revs appears to jump up anywhere from 1200 - 2000rpm, strangly enough it seems to disappear on it's own, only to come back a few days later?

It's most noticeable when i come to a complete stop and put my clutch in, thats when it will jump to anywhere between 1200-1600rpm, but some times when this is happening, and i stop the car and restart it, it then jumps to 2000 rpm, and slowly goes down to about 1500rpm.
When i'm coming down in gears the revs will drop below 1000, then as i put my clutch in when i come to a stop, that's when it jumps up.
Although i dont know if it could somehow be related but my ABS light has been on a few times, and on my last service they told me that i have to replace my breakpads on the next service?

When i lifted the bonnet today, i dont know if i imagined it, but i could have sworn, that on the right side of the engine, i heard a sound like it was sucking air, but if this was a vacuum/air leak issue, why would it not be happening all the time???

Any ideas gents?

Solved the problem I cleaned the carby with a spray cleaner and cleaned the oxycensor 5moths ago runs like a dream great little car now

Have owned it for 3 years has done it on n off now I have a water problem must have a leak as I have to fill water up every morning

Hi guys, I too have the exact same problem as described above on my 09 manual tk barina.
Mine can climb up to 2500rpm then the next set or lights 2000rpm the it might go back to normal (around 800rpm) but then it will do the same the next morning.

Just suddenly came on a couple of weeks ago and has stayed. Only thing I can think of is I drove home from Bunnings with the passenger seat folded forward. Any way of resetting it?

So far I have had the following repaired on a 2009 TK Barina with 35,500ks
Runs and idles rough when you drive it, hold light and the engine light comes on then it drops it's revs to the point of having to pull over (sounds like a tractor).
Revs go up and down randomly while driving.

Engine diagnostic suggested the following - p0300 - random misfire, did not specify which cylinder, options to try first were:
clean engine EGR - completed,
clean throttle - completed,
fuel injector service – completed,
TPS Sensor has repaired the idle issues – cost met by Holden,
Now they will do VTech Flush through the intake manifold – - did not do anything - cost met by Holden,
Holden to remove the head and look at Valves – sticky valves have replaced valve stem seals – cost met by Holden

so did the vavle seals fix the problem

has anyone found out about hold light coming on wife barina is doing the same stays in 3rd she pulls to the side turns off the engine sits for about 4 minutes starts up and back to normal pissing her off having to do that all the time .garage has reset computer twice lasts about 2 months any ideas anyone

Instead of just resetting it they need to read the code that its logging. Possibly throttle position sensor fault or similar, could be as simple as a loose throttle body connector plug. Most of the criticism of this particular model comes about from a lack of proper diagnosis and so called 'mechanics' taking a guess at what a problem may be because they have no idea what they are doing.

"They have changed the throttle position sensor, EGR valve sensor on the exhaust, crank angle sensor, new wiring on the throttle body they had issues with this on other cars, idle sensor. Now they are trying to tell me its normal what a load of bull."
I would have asked them why they replaced all those parts when they knew this behaviour is normal.

[http://gallery.oldho...|me shed...]

So if anyone ever has this nightmare with a #Holden 2009 #Barina (or similar) below are the repairs needed. Both issues are recognised by Holden as a manufacturer error but do not notify drivers as it's not considered as recall-worthy as it's not a "safety issue": I can tell you, having your revs drop out completely then immediate, extreme rough idle at 100kms/hr on a freeway is F'n dangerous! (Yes, I'll be following this up).
You are also under no obligation to pay for this repair, warranty or not as Holden are aware of this issue!
Misfire & Rough Idle (DTC P0300) = Holden TL1413B-1006: idle speed flare fluctuation - service fix & TPS Connector Replacement ($180).
Rough idle & Drop in revs (DTC P0300) = Holden TL1351C Repair -Replacement of Exhaust Valves & Seals ($850).

December 30
1) revs go up when braking
2) when over 60kms;
A) lurches
B) misfires
3) seems to not change gear correctly, have to back accelerator to change gear
4) when I turn aircon on the engine runs worse with new noises

Sounds like classic symptoms of a vacuum leak, very possibly in the brake booster or booster hose...


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Hi Dave
Is that reply to my post? Regarding barina that lags and other stuff?

If you're the guy who posted the comment immediately above mine, yep, it was in answer to your post... :-)


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Yes, the girl who posted - thanks for help. Dropping it off to holden tomoz & will pass on your thoughts, will basically have a new car soon, or a tainted piece of crap!

Sorry, didn't notice the femininity in your writing... :-)


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Note to self to add femininity :0)

Hi there, do you have an invoice or something from whoever repaired your barina that you could send me, or even details of the workshop?
My local holden dealer are being completely useless...saying I need the transmission replaced, even after I show them this thread. Any help would be appreciated.

Did it fix the problem.

random misfire po300 code engine light and hold light flashing at same time car stuck in 3rd gear tried plugs and leads no good compression ok coils good also someone mentioned could be e10 fuel im using any ideas

my 2007 TK Barina is doing exactly that. only uses 3 gears and engine light is on and hold light is flashing. did you find out what was the fault???

It's very hard to diagnose over the internet but your symptoms point to a fairly common fault of a failed catalytic convertor.

Where are you dave? I can't get any help out my way. Current repairer has taken to "resetting" the fault lights - because maybe they're turning themselves on just to be tricky and the random high revs problem doesn't exist because it didn't happen when they were in the car. I'm surprised he didn't tell me to try switching it off and back on again.
Seriously considering just giving the car to the person currently on top of my s$&t list.

Have you taken it to a Holden dealer?
Surely, if it's a common problem, they would know how to fix it.
Unless it's like the Escort my bought new in 1980... that was the greatest POS that ever had four wheels put on it.

Old is good.

I had one ya had to put the battery terminals on wrong way round ,they handle good on the dirt tho

Life is too brief to build ya own time machine
With out old Aussie products an a few blurbombs 🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃.

I always told my wife all the Escort needed was a good reliable Toyota motor and five speed, and a complete mechanical rebuild. The only good mechanical bit in it was the BorgWarner 35 gearbox.
Yes, it had a good solid body and they make great rally cars, but rally cars are completely rebuilt.

Old is good.


My son has a TK Barina 2009 the engine light and HOLD light stays on and it doesn't change to fourth gear. We took it the the mechanic and they scanned it couldn't pin point the problem. We've just noticed that the last time they scanned it it drove well but when my son stop to put petrol the light came back on and it doesn't change into fourth gear. can anyone advise us what the problem is please.

Cant be 100% sure but id be looking for a blocked catalytic convertor.
Get underneath when cold and give it a whack and see if you can hear it rattling around. Did it actually give a code when he scanned it?

did you ever find out about the hold light thing as my wife's barina is doing the same thing thx

did you find out what caused this problem

I'd do the simple things first.

1. Battery connections clean, tight and grease covered.
2. Look for loose electrical connections.
3. Look for burned wires and/or connections.
4. Check for Air Leaks.

Essentially the under bonnet heat can cause connection problems and rubber hoses to go hard and cause air leaks.

Also, the O2 sensor needs open road driving to make it burn clean. Too much stop/start driving blocks it up and causes unpredictable engine operation.

In addition, you may have multiple problems which is common for an high time car.


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Holdenpaedia, they're the brakes Mate.

Hi , I have a TK Barina August 2008 Model and had the issues arising with it also in October 2014. its done 69,000km took it to Holden and engine compression was fine . They say to explore the problem they`d have to remove the engine and would cost me around 2.5k depending on what they have to replace. So after never took it back . took it to RACQ Mechanic around begin april 2015 due to poor acc and engine lights on dash.I had the rear seal leak replaced also spark plugs and leads also oil and filter of which i could of done myself but as it was done together why not . Apparently they couldn`t find the fault but the engine light from the dash went off and didn`t re-apear till not even a week later ,haha. they sayed theyd have to tingle with it to find the fault. the car was there from 7:30am to close 5pm when i picked it up . cost of the job $950.00. At least it was 50% less of what holden would of charged just for this job. Most of the people i talked to that take there car to holden say they don`t know what there doing or are creating the problem to take it back . At least the RACQ mechanic say that it should not be like this and a Manufacture repair. So rang Melbourne head office and explained to them about the prob they say they had no one else this this type of prob and for me to return the car to holden to diagnose. so after 5mins talk i gave up she wouldnt even put a technician on to speak to me no wonder holdens going down the drain , i feel sorry for the workers as the closer coming but good riddens to them , never buy one again . i even try to trade it in and they wont until the prob fixed then again offer was 2k only, incase that had to meet repairs. i was looking at Nissan my daughter has one and same year model no probs at all with it. So i thought why should i spend 20 to 30k when i can spend 2k . But like the forums says have to find some one with those skills that can fix it even if i have to pay 2k. If you have definite proof that holden know about this should be brought forward if its a Manufacture fault, we can present this to them so it wont be a cost to us. Thanks for your time.

"Hold" and "check engine" lights flashing. Been doing it for about a year and a half, although it stopped most of last year and started back up in Iuly of this year.
Took it to Holden finally because I'm so sick and tired of it, hooked it up to computer diagnostic and came back with engine misfire. Down the track it's going to fail and the repairs will be costly in the $3-4k bracket. So what did I do? I walked out of the dealership as a proud owner of a new car. Kia Rio with seven years plus three years of warranty. Holden doesn't give a crap about its past cars. It was causing me that much anxiety and danger as it got stuck in gears in the highway I had to deal with it by getting rid of it. Now I'm just waiting for my new car to arrive and I hope I'll never have to see a hold or check engine light flashing at me.

I will never, ever buy another Holden.

I hope you're a bit more diligent with maintenance on your new car. Driving around with a problem for 1 year until it annoys you is not the best way to look after a car.

List of faults and fixes here:

I would never ever buy a Korean or European sourced Holden (Astra, Barina, Captiva, Cruize, etc) with my own money or recommend one to anyone I care about!

Having said that, my Grandfather did own a JE Camira wagon 2.0i and he loved it.

I'm trying to sell my sisters 2007 Holden Barina, and noticed that it stalls occasionally from the revs doping too low, it can happen changing gears too slowly and sometimes sitting at lights.
when it stalls the revs usually drop from idling at around 1000rpm down to about 400 some times they bounce back up and the car keeps running sometimes they don't.

I was thinking perhaps blocked fuel filter and hopefully not computer problems,

has anyone else had this issue, does any one have any ideas on how to fix it/what to look for or even maybe on how i could maybe raise the idle speed?

Did you ever find out the problem? My 2006 barina has the same issue but is auto and I'm trying to figure out if its worth fixing and keeping or trading her in.

I have a tk barina the fuel emissions light comes on have taken it in to holden they put it on computer and say it is ok turn it off and said it is just a sensor fault can this be replaced under warranty

We have had all of the faults detailed on this page with our 2007 TK [Naughty Pottyword]box (Barina).
We found the problem!!!!
It was two broken wires INSIDE the computer!!
The wires are as fine as a hair and they break, at least that is what has happened to ours.
So, now we await a new computer to arrive and there is a problem, the last of the computers that holden has in stock are ALL FOR MANUALS, not Automatics!
So, it seems that it's going to be a secondhand computer for us, then once the car is finally running right, it will be sold/ burnt / given away and we will NEVER buy another GM / DAEWOO product.

You would be an absolute fool to buy a new ecu from Holden for this car. Would probably my cost 10 times the value of the car. Injectronics can repair or replace you ecu for a fraction of the cost of a new one.

The symptoms are the same for my daughters 2009 TK. It revs high at idle. ( I have changed the plugs) although not the HT leads.

Two speeds on the aircon fan now don't operate which is odd, not sure of any connection there really.

The Engine light is on. It runs like its running on 3 cylinders.

Super cheap have a Bosch OBD reader, its not ideal by threw up a word Sirius but no po code? Tried looking that up and not much out there except that module was highlighted??


Having just picked up a Barina for my wife the car is already in the auto shop... after reading the posts im thinking is this a Lemon? ...hope its not going to be a nightmare on Elm street?

had same problem as most with my barina just changed rocker gasket because spark plug wells had oil in them just got back from a long run drives like a dream

Daughters Barina Tk 2006 1.6 auto doing 80k car starts to jerk like running 3cylinders engine light on and flashing hold light flashing loss of revs.Got codes read at comes up with multiple misfires and map sensor appears faulty possible plugs and plug leads could be faulty.Replaced map sensor plugs and leads.2 days later engine light on hold light on stalls key off won't restart towed home then next day starts ok no engine light.took to mechanic no engine light no problems found.2 days later engine light hold light loss of revs hold light off when stopped.Different mechanic code read multiple misfires he tells me it's your coil so new coil fitted coil replaced codes removed.Drove 25k home felt like its missing stop turn off engine would not restart sound like flat battery.Turned key every 2minutes then it starts after 4goes to turn over.Next morning starts up 1st time but like a old truck trying to idle.up and down with revs.Slam door and left in carport what a piece of Sh?t.Been to Holden for other related issues won't go back.Thinking it might be cam sensor none got ideas apart from drop over a cliff.

Hi all I am the owner of a 10/2006 1.6L Manual TK Barina. I've owned the car since new and recently I had issues with erratic idling and the engine stalling after start. I removed the throttle body cleaned it up. Replaced the Throttle Position Sensor & Idle air control sensor. Reconnected the battery. Ran the Snap-on OBD scan- no codes or freeze data detected. The car ran like a dream for a few days but now revs high around 1600 RPM with no throttle input. I disconnected the TPS and the car runs & idles normally. I've replaced both O2 sensors within the last year and also the air flow sensor.

Any ideas on how to fix this fault would be really appreciated.The fuel burn is higher than normal with the TPS dissconected.

My missus has owned a 05 tk barina for almost 2 years now and it's been doing this same problem with the idle and cutting out and lagging in changing gears. Been to multiple shops and back to Holden only to be told they don't know what the problem is. I've gone threw this whole tread and all methods just won't work these cars are just f***ed and Holden don't want a thing to do with it.

On start up runs like a hairy goat. Been to mechanics multiple times, cant find problem starting to really sh#t me, any ideas

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