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special built 67's blog

hq rear bumper

after a rear bumper for hq around penrith if any one has one give me a buzz


commodore v8 t5 conversion wanted

after a bit of information
I am building a bash car for this years camp quality ESCARPADE
I need to find a complete v8 t5 for a conversion has any one out there got what I need
i have purchased a vr caprice 5.0 litre and this is what the box is for

also chasing a good vs statesman garnish and taillights cheers


gearbox for vs statesman

just after some advice as I am building a charity car for camp quality escarpade and my question is

I want to convert a vs supercharged statesman from auto to manual will a full conversion from a vs commodore fit and are the motors the same thanks for any advice cheers

shed clean out

shed clean out have parts as listed

vn bonnets 1 red and 1 white $50 each

vn guards white $20 each

hr bootlid with badges and boot trim $80

hr passenger guard minor rust in ok condition $80

vlcommodore bonnet $60

vn front bumper $30

hr front bumper in ok condition with all brackets $15

vl commodore and vn commodore front bumper supports $10 each

parts are in penrith cheers


hr car show

love the photos off all the hr / hd
would like to talk to the owner of the hr with the white walls as i have the same car and it would be its twin cheers special built 67


hr ambo

what would that hand mower be worth in unrestored condtion cheers


gtr xu1 what to look for

after help as i know nothing about toranas
iwill be looking a a lj gtr xu1 over the weekend and i need to know what should i look for in the tags to show it is genuine what would you pay for a rough one complete and pink in colour cheers


vn vp vr vs bullbar WANTED

would like your help as i need a bullbar for our charity bash car it is a vl wagon but i think a vn vs bullbar would fit
would like the 5 post type but let me know what you have cheers


vx calais

hi all
have been offered a vx calais 2002 model in very good condition 1 owner but has 300ks what would it be worth as they want $5k what do you think cheers


vn 5 litre wagon

hi all
would like some help on a vn wagon i have purchased
could you tell me if the engine in this car is the 304 spec as i think it might be the engine no starts VU59....
and the diff has HIGH PERFORMANCE tag on it is it a special lsd

i have been told that the wagon i have only 2 were made
vn 5litre 5 speed all help would be great cheers.....


vn bt1

hi to all

iam looking at buying a 1989 bt1 commodore and would like to know what i should look for on the tag to make sure it is genuine
motor is 4.9 litre
5 speed manual
brown trim
white paint
what if any are the problems with this model bt1
cheers guys