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FJ Panel Van Upper tailgate struts

Is FJ holden Upper Tailgate struts on panel van the same as any other holden model??

im chasing some of these...


What do we have here???

Anybody got any idea what this is??

Found an old wreck on the farm

Badged as "HOLDENS Body 188"

Anybody know at all? got me stumped.

I know the story about JA Holden and Holdens Motor Body Builders etc and Frost and GM etc

But for the life of me I cant find any info about this car...


Searching for Mountain Blue Interior

Is there anybody out there that may be able to help with pics or samples of the FJ interior colour Mountain Blue please?

Trim code 54-313.

restoring my van and would like to do the interior the correct colour.

seat and door trims are missing so have nothing to match with and finding it hard to find anything on the internet.

any help would be appreciated..


FJ Front subframe/chassis

Im sure this question has been asked before..... My panelvans front chassis is bent from a collision with a tree by previous owner. Can someone please tell me whether the front chassis is the same from FJ to HR?? can i use a front chassis etc from FC, EK, HR to bolt straight into my FJ Panelvan?? Cheers



gday. new to your forum. have got myself a panelvan in great restoring condition.

Can some one please decipher the info below..

Style fj 2104-265 (fj pano, Im led to believe 265 means Bakers Van.)( ANY INFO ON THIS?? How many built etc)
Body # 1009 ( is this 9th built or 1009th?)
Trim 54- 313 (mountain blue)
Paint 253-17340 (mosman blue)
ACC 1 (january)

Chassis tag 54 169 S ( YEAR???? Sydney )

Also there is a faded info painted by stencil on firewall. Can someone help fill in blanks please??