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Give away

Spring cleaning the shed. Have set of street machine magazines to give away. Editions from mid 2002 to mid 2018.

Six boxes all up. Located on Brisbane bayside if anyone is interested. They will be too heavy to post.

I used them as research when I was building the ute. Prefer to give to someone who can use them.



Clean up

Having a clean up around the house.

I have a Workshop manual "Holden Straight Six 1948-66 Autobook" by Kenneth Ball (Autopress)

Happy to give it away to anyone who wants it for a donation to OH site. I'll even spring for postage if a donation is made.

Rather see it used than sitting on the shelf for another 15 or so years.



HG Grille restoration

I am going to have a go at restoring my HG grille so its ready to go when I need it.

I had a search around the site and can't find any info on how to go about it. I remember reading an entry about using jif to clean the stainless trim and another entry advising not to pull the stainless trim off as its a bugger to get back on.

I am assuming a thorough clean up with prepwash or similar, mask and spray. Someone has tried spraying the centre section black so its needing a good clean up.

Can anyone let me know the colour and any tips please?