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Original VK BT1 or not?

Umm VK BT1 Interceptor, Can you help me well identify what it means, Bloke on EBAY reckons its an Original VK BT1 but i'm not so sure, the cars white with a brown interior and a 6 Cylinder engine. If you can tell me what the code's mean that'd be great. Also is there any ways of picking that the cars a BT1? (Trims etc.)

BTW to the guy's who remember me as a prick, i hope i can make a mense.

Model: VK8VK19-BT1
Body: 963801M
Trim: 3038-64X
Paint: 1J052-D
Built: SEP 85
Eng: L14 Trans: M40 Axle GU5

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