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Archive - Jul 12, 2002

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Gday everyone, my name is Milton Watkins and I live with my wife and two small children in Ballarat Victoria, I have just bought off my uncle, my aunties HD Holden Premier Sedan for the lowly some of $500.00 and it is in RWC. This car was purchased new in 1965 by my grandmothers sister, she handed it down to her two daughters during the following 17 years, then my aunty bought it in 1982 for $300.00 when she got her licence at 50 years of age, she placed a new 186 and new automatic transmission in it and then had the rust cut out and resprayed its (I believe) original gun metal grey colour, she drove it twice a week less than 30 kilometers and was always garaged, she had it serviced every six months by a local 70 year old mechanic. The interior is all original an in nearly perfect condition and it still has its original number plates, so its been in the family since new.

Now the paint work is suffering as it was always washed but never polished and I believe this caused some fading on the roof, bonnet and boot lid, and it has some rust forming at the bottom of the doors and the boot lid where I beleive I am missing a moulded strip at the bottom, I am unsure of this as I still havnt seen a picture of a HD prem at the back to see what I am missing to cover up this rust for now till I get the rust cut out again and have it resprayed for a second time.


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