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Fx master cylinder upgrade on my fx (with hr disk brakes)???

Hey all I'm restoring an fx with the old man. We have just put a hr front end in with a hr diff as well. We are going to run the hr disk brakes on the front and leave the hr drums on the back. We need some advise on how to modify the original master cylinder to a more newer one like on a torana or Hj with a vh44 booster. Is it possible to put a newer master cylinder where the original one sits and still make the original brake pedal work or is there another way to do it that is easier any help much appreciated!!! Cheers Daniel

xu1 engine

Hi all,new to site im planning on selling my lc xu1 engine block and head prefix 3100x to fund my fj project. I would just like to get some feedback or a ballpark figure of what it may be worth?...Thanks Erron

Eh airconditioning

Hi i amsureits been done heaps of times now, i would like info on what tofit and howto fit airconditioning to a eh specifically eh. Panel van . I havebeen thinking maybe theevapirtor fan unit could be fitted behind the seats sub floor drawing air from the cabin and blowing forward through a commordore style console, then i thought there would need to be demister function as well, anyone got the good. Guts my email if you have good info and photos muchly appreciated.

Wheels for lc torana??

Hey fellas I'm currently doing up a 2 door lc torana, I'm up to the stage of getting some nice wheels for it but I'm finding it hard to find some to suit the original stud pattern. I was looking at getting a set of draglites for it or something similar?
If you know of anyone who can still get onto these wheels or wheels shops who can get some please let me know
Much appreciated
Cheers!!! Daniel

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HT Premier mechanical restoration

All all,

after advice on a Perth/South West WA based company that can perform mechanical and electrical restoration on my 1970 HT Premier.

I bought the car with original Perth Holden dealer sales documents and first registration info and as far as I can see everything is original except paint which was re-done 8 years ago, in original Monza blue with white roof. All original chrome trimming and badges re-attached. Interior is all original and in good condition except for a front seat spring recon required.

Vin identification

Hi All, new to site so not sure if this is in right place.

Looking at buying a 1969 holden Monaro that is available near me.
But need a few tips on specs

Vin is 80837TJ171835
Model HT80837
Body 002675W
Trim 1193-&10X
Paint 567-11425

I have found out that its a Monaro GTS V8
Its Daytona Bronze
was built in Melbourne.

What i need to try to find out is the original matching engine number,
to check if the motor with the car is original, any idears where i will find this info

Thanks John

HK Holden Brougham rear end tyre scuff problem

Hi everyone I have an issue with the rear end RH mainly scuffing the edge of tyre
Specs are

Rim size (in): 17
Alternate tire size: 225/45 R 17
Total wheel diameter (mm / in): 634 / 25
Percentage diameter difference to the original (%): -0.5

new lowered 25 mm king springs and bushes
New shocks

Both guards rolled

Mainly does it when I back off the accelerator and travel down the road camber natural,

New rims and tyres
Was thinking the offset may be incorrect any ideas SPONSOR

can anyone tell me the correct kits for holden stromberg

Hi all I have purchased a set of twin strombergs for my 202 Holden project and want to re kit them but can't find the correct kit numbers for the fuel miser kits, all the shops around here want to sell me different kits but I thought I would ask here first
the numbers on the carbs are 2376068 and there 1,3,32 and on the base it has 2376050 bxuv-2
can anyone tell me the correct kits I need and what there originally off
any help with the jet sizes for a hot 202 would also help
regards Brett

Lost FX

Anyone know whatever happened to a black FX originally with engine 4959, and living in ACT around 1960?
Any help appreciated.Thanks.

my first car show ever

hi all I will be displaying my car and a new trailer at my local car show on the 20th sept it will be me and my twins first car show .. anytips or pointers on what to do and what not to do how far do you keep people away and do they steel things thanks in advance

hr window bailey channel rubbers

Hi there just fitted new bailey channel rubbers
now when you wind the window up or down feels very
tight is this normal because the bailey rubbers
are new any ideas about making the window alot
more easier when winding up and down.

Hq statesman for sale or swap roller North central victoria

For sale or swap
Hq statesman
sills, cowls (front and rear), floors, front doors, boot look to have no rust..
LSD still fitted
Interior all there but no dash facia.
Replacement boot lid included ..
no front clip included
I can source a front clip for extra.. will need to make one up from mixed panels.

phone or text carl on 0407220382
Carl located in Numurkah Vic 3636


Wanted Ej Holden Eye Brow Trims

Wanted Ej Holden Eye Brow Trims good condition with pins, willing to collect around the Ipswich or Brisbane area or willing to pay for postage

hd subframe assembly

Hi there I have a complete HD subframe
has alot of surface rust and has only
2 rust holes considering the age ofit
its in fairly good condition.
any offers accepted so if anybody is
interested contact me on 0412098257
I am located in Liverpool NSW.
Pick up only.


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Can anyone tell me how to navigate old posts on this site

Rather than ask all questions that have been previously asked before can I search old posts of topics I am after? eg- ej holden door assembly, it has been 2 years since I pulled the inner workings out and wanted some reassurance before I try putting them back together.
Regards Brett

how to do a tip forward bonnet on a FJ HOLDEN

hi all I want to tip my bonnet forward on my FJ any thoughts on how to do this and has anyone done it and what trouble did you find

My HX problems

Hi, I have a HX Kingswood and I've been working on it for about a year or so to make it my daily driver. All suspension is new and all bushes too, but I took it out the other day to get the wheels aligned and the car was making a loud tapping noise coming from the rocker cover. Also while turning through a round about the car for some reason tried to stall. I did change the manifold and carbi to a 350 Holley with auto choke. If anyone has any info on what could cause my problem I would really appreciate it.

Wanted EJ / EH Bumper bar over ridders ( one pair)

I want to purchase a set of ej/eh bumper bar over riders, prefer straight with ok chrome but would settle for getting rechromed. I live in Ipswich Qld but would pay postage if needed, please let me know if you or anyone you know has a set. Thanks

I want to put mirrors under my bonnet, what should I use?

Hi All again, I want to install mirrors under the bonnet of my ej sedan in the triangles that are there to give a motor reflection, it would need to withstand the heat as I intend on driving the car but just weekends and cruising.
Has anyone done this and what did you use? I was going to use mirrored Perspex but worried it would melt. please send all your thoughts through

Trimatic linkages

Hey all after some quick info! I have a wb 308 trimatic, column shift, I have a new trimatic bit the selectee is on the left, is there any way I can use this auto keeping it column shift?

Cheers fp

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