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EJ idiot lights

Hi, can any EJ owners tell me if all 3 idiot lights ( gen, oil, temp ) turn on when you turn on an EJ ignition (without engine running). I've had mine off the road for a while and noticed that the temp light isn't working when ignition is on, but i've tested the temp circuit by earthing the wire at the sender and the temp bulb works fine. Also, is it the same for EH??

eh seats need to install

can someone help me out with a picture of a eh special sedan floor that had a bench seat fitted
and also need picture of a floor eh premier sedan that had buckets fitted
my floor has been modified has five speed in was a eh special with bench

Engine identifcation

With my HQ Monaro purchase came a spare block and I would like to identify the block;
numbers on block are
please help!!

Does someone know the whereabouts of this old HX Prem wagon??

Hi all,

Im looking for help to try and locate a Contessa Gold 7/1976 HX Premier wagon my Dad owned between 1977 and 1995.
The car was Victorian registered from new, i do know its last Victorian address was in Frankston somewhere and that it left Vic in 2004 and was last registered in the Northern Territory with its matching numbers 253, but its registration was cancelled in 2006.
It was the family wagon i grew up with and my Dad and i pampered it until we eventually parted with it.
Over Christmas the family were watching old home movies which sparked my interest to try and locate the wagon. Ive got a whole collection of paperwork relating to it knowing one day i would want to try and find her again.

Interesting Ebay items     (?)This area is inventionally left blank.

Ht hk hg diff

What model Commodore diff is the same as a ht as wanting to upgrade to 4 link and disc rear end thinking of airbaging has anyone done a 4 link rear end conversion before (ht panel van

Rocker Cover Breather

Hello All

I have posted before about the breather smoking and also dropping a small amount of oil after running the engine to temp and turning the engine off (dropping oil)

Is this normal amount of smoke

should I change the gasket?
or is there a bigger problem?


holden fj fx ute for sale

has any body got a fj or fx ute for sale 6 or v8
finished or unfinished
regards SPONSOR

RB30 engine swap

Hi everyone, it's been a long time since last posted, but just letting anyone who is interested, I have a complete RB30 Nissan motor and auto box for sale. Now I know there are some people out there who are against putting later model engines into old cars, but that's what this hobby is all about, doing what you want with your car, so I'm offering it here to any Old Holden members who may be interested doing this swap to there car. The Nissan is complete at the moment and you can have all the parts needed, so motor, tranny, wiring computers, exhaust, if it's fitted or needed to make the engine work it goes with it, the engine runs fine, and the price for it all is $500.

what does this mean

Model ht81169
Body 44a
Trim 1276-14t
Paint 567-10974
Top 568-11401

Thats first plate


Second plate


Can this identify what engine it ran what trans
It ran auto/manual column or floor shift diff etc
Mate trying to fix up and wants factory specs
Any other help would be appreciated

G'day fellas

Been a while since I've worked on the WB. Just
Starting to sort out late model Vortec 4200 Six
Swap. These are out of 2002 -2009 Chevy Trailblazers
And are everywhere around here. Sits tall in engine
compartment , but should be cool.
Cheers , James

Bedford wheels

Hi all, new boy here. I have had a string of CF & CFL Bedfords but only have bits and pieces left. I am trying to get a handle on the value of some wheels which need a new home, I have tried many searches but came up with nothing. So if any one knows or has heard of recent sales I would appreciate it. They are as follows, set of four Bedford pattern 14"x7" Jelly Bean mags, three Bedford original steel hard shell rims one has the brake drum still in it with original wheel nuts and a couple of HQ 14"x7" mags. Condition "need a good polish" all have old rubber on them. Thanks

Cylinders not fiering

Hello everyone.

6 and 5 wont fire and I can smell gas. I am running dedicated gas.

DIZZY: Rotor on number 1 at TDC (Pulled in and out a few times to get correct position)
HOLDENPEDIA: Tried a few things under the heading of Dizzy but still dead in 5 and 6
INLET MANIFOLD: I'm almost sure there isn't a rag stuck in there from assembly LOL

Can smell gas. I'm guessing its not getting burnt in 5 and 6 and is coming out the exhaust, all other connections look secure.

Any advice and ideas appreciated guys, thanks.

Slow motion Rocker movment 202

Clip of 202 rockers moving in slow motion.
Thought someone out there might need this info... Link below

Reducing TRACK list

Hello. can anyone advise on how to delete sections in the TRACK list (A function of this web site)

I am starting to get a very long list and its a pain to scroll through each day.

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Best engine cleaner / Soaking

Hey guys.

Im striping down a very dirty engine to rebuild.

Is Kero ok to soak my engine parts in for a few days to clean them?
I also have a white vinegar bath that eats rust, its just plain old white vinegar from the supermarket.

to long

Looking for bottom guards for hk if anyone heard of or have some idea how much

Blue vs Red engine

Hey guys.

is there much power difference in the red and blue.

I know the blue is better in a few ways, I am considering restoring a red engine instead of a blue.

Also, what would be the cheapest way to go about getting everything I need for a complete engine rebuild. Repco, supercheap etc. Is there a full kit available? and are there choices in quality of the kits, I know there are with gaskets.

Ownership Legal papers etc

I have a blue 202 with a trimatic sitting on the garage floor that I bought for $100 for a rebuild to learn on.

Should I hit up the transport people and put the engine in my name? I think you have to prove it once its in a car and they take the engine number to register the car.

Rebuild 253 Series of clips


there are about 5 clips on how to rebuild an engine Holden BLUE 253

Compression. Carbon

BLUE 202 3.3L

All cylinders except the front had compression of 155 -160Psi
The front was 50Psi, then on each key turn, it increased compression by 5psi every single time (total 4 times then stopped turning the key)

any ideas what causes this?

also, compression is meant to be around 135Psi, any idea why it is 20psi higher then normal, I did find a crust of carbon on each piston that was a few mm thick, also the head had allot of carbon come off as well. AND I MEAN ALLOT!!! PER VALVE PORT

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