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Wiring up an amp meter

Can anybody explain to me how to correctly wire up an aftermarket amp meter. Explained in idiot proof step by step procedure would be appreciated cause I'm not too clued up on electrics.
Regards Simon

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amp meter

what are u mesureing amps of/on ?
but anyway to put one on u must have it in series with the curcuit for example from ur active of ur batery to the ampmeter then out of ur amp meter to what ever u are running , another example would be if u was wonting to mesure the amps of which a light draws then u would go form the possitive of ur batery to the ampmeter then form the ampmeter to the light then form the light back to earth/neutral of ur batery if ya get my drift ?

amp/ volt meter???

Hi guy.
If you meann a VOLT meter I can help you, all you do is wire it into your positive side of the ignition or any electric gizmo that only works when the ignition is on, personally mine is wired into my wipoers switch, but like I said at the strt its a volt meter that reads my battery charge.


amp meter

Yes volt meters can be wired in parrell with any electrcial component they dont use any charge much so u can use them straight of ur batery it wouldnt matter of the ignition would be better tho if u can do it

Amps Guage

I would like to know the same thing actually. No, not a VOLT meter, an Amps guage. It measures the amount of amperes coming from your alternator, I'm told.

I asked an auto electrician and he said it goes to the alternator and the battery. Well electrical talk to me is like Russian. So I still haven't connected it.


hey red

its simple as you said, one wire goes from the battery positive to the guage then one from the guage to the alternator... there is already a wire that goes from the battery to the alternator...


How to wire up an Amp Meter

Guys, it is easy stuff. I will draw up a diagram and explination for you tomorrow (Saturday) and make put it in my shed, then I will post a message here advising of link. I will also do one for the Voltmeter and tacho etc.

Watch this space!

Cheers. RevHead

amp meter

Re Installing Amp Meter

Thanks guys
the meter is an"ammeter or Alternator current indicator". I am fitting this guage to replace the battery light on the dash. Blind freddy has absolutly butchered all the wiring on this car so am bye passing Temp Gauge, Oil light, and battery light and replacing them with a set of 3 guages.

can be dangerous

Having an oil light is always a good idea, just incase your not always cheching your gauge. As far as amp meters go I asked my local auto-elec and he thinks amp meters are dangerous. Alright back-in-the-day when we were drawing 30amps at most, but he said many an under dash fire has been started by running higher current alternators (60-80A). I would be going for a Volt gauge, it still shows if it is charging.


Re Dangerous

Yeah couldn't agree more about the oil light. I am actually going to use a t-piece that allows me to run both light and gauge. I once blew a brand new motor on the bike riding from Brisbane to Cairns because of a faulty oil light globe. A Rock must have smashed off an oil line. By the time I noticed loss of power and strange noises from engine it was too late!! Goodbye $8000 worth of new motor!!! I now run both gauge AND light on all of my vehicles.
Regards Simon

amp guage

hi,you'll also find that your alternator won't charge properly without the idiot light,to connect your guage remove the small wire from the the terminal on your starter motor,where the battery lead connects,run this to one side of your amp meter,the other side of the meter goes back to the terminal on the starter where you removed the small wire from originally,this is the correct method of connecting a guageas it will allow the guage to read both ways(ie charging when engine is running & discharing when engine is off & lights etc are on)connecting it in the alternator lead only shows if the alternator is making power,not whether it's charging the battery.

Don't forget to get heavy cab

Don't forget to get heavy cable, ask your local sparky. The ordinary wiring won't handle the full charge, you need to handle at least 60 amps, depends what alternator you are running, I run a VN one, its 95 amps.

dont put it in

the amp meter will cause more problems than it worth. the voltage drop you get over the lenght of wire. will never allow you battery to reach full charge along with the risk of that wire (unfused) coming in contact with body as it passes through fire wall sooner or later it will short and burn.
thats my thought on it any way

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