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waht diff should i put in my ute. I'm looking for a 9 inch, r they the way to go or should i just try to stick to a holden one?

also how hard isit to put in a celica 5 speed ( i've already got a four on the floor. )

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i would go the salsbury 10 bolt my self,and stick with a aussie 5 speed ,i dont mean aussie brand,i mean borge warner? thats just my opinion ok!

10 bolt

9" is a big diff. I'd do as sexy reckons, or go a borg warner and box out of a VK. I ran this in an eh. Had to get the diff modded to fit(as with 9"), but scored the disks etc. worked ace.

im only 14 so dont blast me

im only 14 so dont blast me for asking a stupid question but will the vk diff fit to my m20 4 speed or will i have to use the box from the vk as well


Hey this is what we are here for mate every body has to start somewhere!when i was a youngn,i didnt have the priviledge or the pc tech that we have now so i learnt myself,trial and more errors!! dont feel like you are asking silly questions!!


I would be looking at using a Diff from a VL, but almost any Diff other than the old Banjo's will need to be shortened, but the VL Uses a 4pinion centre, same as the V8 VK Commodore Diffs but much easier and cheaper to find, also the VL is 3.45:1 standard ratio so will give you better take off and acceleration.

They also use the shortened VL Diffs in Gemini's as a cheaper alternative to a 9 inch, and cost wise, the BW Diff will hold up just as fine under a light vehicle such as your HR Ute...

Talk to a few Engineering/ Performance Shops to see who they use to do their Diff shortening, from what I understand a few use the short axle in the shortened long side of the housing for a quick and simple shortened Diff...

Cheers Pig (OINKS308)

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how much am i looking at in

how much am i looking at in getting a vl diff shortened and ready to install? I no these are probably stupid questions to u guys but please bear with me


What is the width of a hilux diff ??? they are a tuff diff with many ratios available & inexpensive.

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Diff Shortening

Depends on where you take one too, I took a XY 9 inch Diff housing into a bloke in Brisbane who builds Speedway and AusCars and it cost me $275 to have new brackets made to fit in to my TE Cortina, but that was for Coil Springs as well as the rest of the necessary Brackets to nake it a bolt in deal, with the HR all you would need to do is take in your old Housing, they would cut the mounting brackets off of your HR Housing, cut and grind away all of the brackets from the VL Housing, then weld your mounting brackets on, regards the shortening, they would need the necessary equipment hence why you should see a Diff Specialist, they would spread the centre, remove the Axle Tube, replace with the shorter Tube and Axle etc...

Just a guess but I wouldn't think it should set you back anymore than around $600, but the bonus is the Borg-Warner Diff is VERY Strong, but much lighter and chews less HP to turn, so would be a win win situation...
Look at Torana’s, almost all the V8 models ran a Banjo Diff so a 9 inch would be an overkill unless you were running some serious Horse Power under the Bonnet…

But do yourself a favour and speak to a Diff Specialist who specialis4es in Diff conversions, it could be a lot cheaper and best of all, it would be set up right so would be a safer option in the long term..

Cheers Pig (OINKS308)

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Hilux Diff

I had a mate who fitted one under a Ford Capri and with 8inch Mags he ended up with something like 12inch wide Flares each side of the Body, looked bloody tuff as, but I would think that the HR and old Capris would be roughly around the same widths...

Pig (OINKS308)




Ok pig, but Ya do see a hell of a lot of heavy hitting turbo rotarys running a hilux diff though, quite a few in the 9sec bracket as well. Possibly a candidate for shortening.

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hilux diff

The hilux diff is a common mod for RX4s. So definitely a candidate for shortening.


Exactly, but will most likely still need shortening as will most other candidates, but besides the inbuilt strength of a Hilux Diff, the range of LOOOW Ratios is what appeals to most who are looking at a light weight heavy duty Ford 5 Stud Diff in a smaller lighter vehicle as an alternative to the more expensive 9 inch Diffs...

It used to be old hat to shorten and use the Salisbury Housings in vehicles like Torana’s and early Holden's, but they are becoming scarce and most are well past their use by dates, where as the venerable VL Diff still has a lot of life left in it's future potential, so at the end of the day, it would be the one I would be looking at, bonus is using the Commodore’s Stud pattern, then fitting up big Brakes to the front using the Commodore's Stud pattern, then having a set of wheels made to suit, the HD/R's have a spacious Wheel Arch that allows nice big fat Wheels and Tyres, nothing tougher than a HD/R wearing Guards stuffed with BIG FAT Doughnuts!! ;{D

Cheers Pig (OINKS308)

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I believe the VL diffs are

I believe the VL diffs are under rated, a mate of mine had a Vk with a 355 stroker, with a VL turbo diff, he told me that they are almost identical besides the axles. Anyway he had no problems with that diff and it did cop a floggin. He has recently redone the motor with a tunnel ram and twin carbs, and is still keeping this diff (it is being rebuilt with drag ratios).
So a VL turbo diff is very reliable.

Sorry mate, but have you see

Sorry mate, but have you see the inside of a turbo diff? (not having a go, just correcting). I think oinks explained about the VK/VL diff's. Cheers.

I think 9" is too big for a 6 cyl. No need for it unles you want to make it super powerfull.
I'd have to agree with the rest. I think the standard VL diff would suffice.


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vl diff

If your fitting the vl diff to a HR i don't believe you will need to shorten it. I have one in an FJ panelvan and FJ sedan and other than modifying brackets are a drop in fit with no shortening at all. I have never had any problems with them at all. 9" diffs are way to heavy for street use, but they do have their place in some applications.

Diff options

Prolly getting too old to bother with but me thinks a centura diff wouldn't need shortening ?

"Shed, monaro build & garage sale"


Choice Diffs

I was measuring up the VN diff for my EH ute yesterday. It is 180mm roughly too long. With commodore rims on it, only one tyre sits under the car while the other side hangs out almost an inch and this is with 'spacious wheel wells' the same as a HR has. VK & VL diffs are slightly shorter than a VN vut will still need to be shortened so no scrubbing occurs when the car is lowered.
The issue i have been pondering is to shorten the diff to the same width of the original diff in which case i will need to run custom wheels that have commodore stud pattern and EH offset. Or shorten it so with the commodore rims on it, they sit under the wheel well like they would in a commodore.
First way means custom rims that look really cool, second way means any commodore rims but obviously they won't look as cool.
i'm waiting until i put my HR front end in the car with custom 2 inch lowered stub axles and VT commodore brakes and standard 15 inch commodore rims. If i don't like the way the wheels look i will swap to HQ stubs, discs and calipers and use some dragway 5 spokes, HQ steelies or GTS rims.
So the front offset and look will decide the rear diff length, rim style and offset.
Don't concentrate too much on the one part without thinking of the overall look of the car.
I have a 9 inch diff for my 350 EH ute but it is real heavy, great for the big horsepower motor though. The original EH diff is quite light but flimsy for a performance setup. A commodore diff should be good for upto 300 horsepower and obviously the newer you go the easier it is to get parts. VK rear discs were an option, not sure about VL but VN all had rear discs. So you'll need good seatbelts so you don't go through the windscreen under heavy braking.

VL diff

As i said I have the VL diffs in two FJ's and havent needed to shorten them. The Panelvan is a daily driver that gets loaded to the hilt and there are no scrubbing issues at all and its fitted with VS 'ss' style 16" wheels. Correct me if i'm wrong but i'm pretty sure EH to HD have a wider body still and i can't see scrubbing would be an issue in those models.

is their anyway to keep the

is their anyway to keep the hr stud pattern as i dont think the vt brakes and commodore wheels will fit in my budget


every one knows:-commodore wheels will fit ANYTHING!!
CHEERS BOBBY===========8{D

commodore wheels will fit ANYTHING

Please, I don't want to restart the great debate. But I swear to god that I saw a magna with chaser wheels today. God knows why you'd do it( or half the other mods it had).
I thought of this site and was cracking up.

stud pattern

I have kept the commodore stud pattern. On my FJ sedan i have tried to keep it looking stock by painting a set of standard 15" commodore wheels body colour and adapting the original hubcaps. The car has a VS V6 but looks completely original. The stud pattern can be changed but I think the money you would spend keeping the HR stud pattern would easily buy you some second hand VR-VS brakes which would be more than adequate and much better than the common HR conversion.



does anyone know were i can

does anyone know were i can find a workguide or some thing for the conversion to vr-vs brakes? thanks

vt brakes....

didnt read all the posts but keep in mind that VT brakes will require 15" rims atleast. even some 15's i have found out wont fit. =) hope that helps.

ah yeh P.S. Bobby - commie wheels will not fit anything so you got no idea and um all the rest lol =p *jokin obviously =)


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castlemane rod shop would be the go, set of stub axles to suit your HR front end. You could also use HQ-WB discs and calipers on the front. If you use a VL disc rear end simply attach your leaf spring mounts and bolt it in and you will have rear disc brakes. You may even stumble across some one on this site that may have an old HQ-WB conversion they want to sell, they have been around for a while.

Hopper's stoppers

Almost certain they'd have the goods but their prices scare me.

"Shed, monaro build & garage sale"


Diffs & Brakes

My VT front stub axles were sourced from Castlemaine Rod Shop and cost at least $500 about 5 years ago. Not positive on cost as i bought a bunch of things through a guy who ordered it for me.
Downside wasthat i had to modify the VT calipers to fit the stub axles(poor design on CRS part but i'm sure most aren't suprised).
VT front discs have a sealed hub unlike HR HQ etc stub axles. The discs just go over the studs and the wheel holds them on when tightened up. To have VT discs you have to use a custom 'floating hub' like i have. You need to use a HR third arm to connect to the steering arm or a HQ third arm for use with rack & pinion.
All previous commodore discs and rotors can be fitted to HQ stub axles as they share the same bearing. Up to VS will take a 14 inch commodore wheel and VT needs at least a 15 inch rim.
For a general description on which discs fit HR front ends, look at the Hopper Stoppers website.
Even torana discs are better than HR but with an old red motor, they will be fine unless it is really worked.
FJwb has said VL diff fits a FJ, so being that VK is the same & VB VH slightly skinnier by a few mm, they will fit also. VN to VS need shortening & newer than that is IRS and out of most budgets.
Fitting commodore discs to a drum rear isn't too tricky but things get complicated by front and rear stud patterns when using different front and rear setups.
If you are on a budget, my advice is buy HQ stub axles, discs & calipers, third arms, dual master cylinder and proportioning valve from a wrecker. Fit them with 14 inch rims to the front and no need to worry about offsets.
As for the rear, leave it unless you have big horsepower. If you do, use the HQ stub axles and third arms etc but instead of HQ discs get commodore ones, VB - VS and keep the same stud pattern by using a commodore diff VB - VL

crs stubbs

You'll find That the crs has fixed a lot of it's problems since new ownership & now under a great management team.
You may be pleasantly suprised

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wouldn't it be easier if i

wouldn't it be easier if i just bought a hr disc front end?

puffinsmoke HR

You'll need to use a HR disc front end for all of the above front disc modifications. If you have a drum front end in your HR you can use that when changing and upgrading stub axles to HQ or custom stubs for HQ & commodore front discs.
This thread started as a diff question, but if its really about braking performance, then yes you really need to start at the front. Front brakes do around 70% of your braking so make them good ones.
As mentioned above and below, you can use a Volvo disc brake diff and you keep the same stud pattern as all early holdens. Therefore with a HR disc front & volvo rear you can use your HR disc brake standard rims all round.

Narrowed 2cents

Just a thought..use a Volvo diff..this gives a Borgwarner housing(same as vl,vn,etc)great disc brakes AND 13" stud patern.
Many of the smaller open wheelers in speedway are using these diffs. to great effect.
Also..just a thought, most of these Borgwarner diffs have a short & long axel, so it mite be possible to narrow one side of the diff & use 2 short axels.
This was done to an EH some years back that competted in a rally..sorry dont remember which rally, s/thing like a re-run of the London to Sydney

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Smart Boy Q-Ball

I had forgotten all about the Volvo Disc Brake Diff, a VERY good option for HRPuffin's you Beaut Ute! ;{D

We had workers here last year and one of the blokes owned a nice Blue EH Ute with one under it, he ran a stove hot 202 with Triples and NOS and he had failed to break the Volvo Diff despite regular Burnouts, so they are a very under-rated Diff...

If the Volvo Diff is the Diff of choice, then I would lash out for a 4 Cylinder Commodore front Brake upgrade from Hoppers, these are ventilated and will retain the original HR Stud Pattern so he can keep his wheels right where they are and continue to run 13" or 14", what ever turns him on and cheap to boot!

CRS used to do a kit to fit a Jag IRS to early Holden’s, but I haven't seen one using a Jag Diff since the 70's when a bloke I knew at the time adapted one into an EH Sedan himself, he reckoned it was so easy to do, only thing was you could almost park a Mini Moke under the rear of the thing, I know I almost did! :{D LOL

If anyone around Brisbane has a CHEAP Commodore IRS give me a hoy as I want one for my '47 Singer, I want it COMPLETE, I had one lined up before Xmas for $150 minus Springs but didn’t have the flamin' money, damn Xmas... Bahhh Humbug!! :'{(

Cheers Pig (OINKS308)

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I saw Boxy today (shock horror!)

He has no stock left for the dual cabs tho' although I'll email some of his advice tomorrow. ;-)

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wot model volvo is the diff

wot model volvo is the diff from thatishould use on my ute?

Volvo Diff Model

From the 1** or 2** Series (164, 144, 264, 265, 244, 245, etc).


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VL turbo Diff - VH

hi guys just wondering if a Vl turbo diff will bolt up to a Vh without mods, if mods are needed what are they?



Hello just wondering if any body could help me out with some infomation, iv got a uc torana hatch that i am restoring, im looking to swap to a HQ stud pattern but wasnt sure on the best diff to suit, was thinking along the lines of VC, VH, or vk plzzz reply thanx

fitting a vh 308 gearbox

does anybody know of a web site that can help me with putting my gearbox in im having trouble with the thrust bareing

Fitting VH 308 gearbox

Mate if you look to the top left of your screen, you shall see a link saying "Post Story/Question Here". Use that link to create a new thread that will appear on the main page. More hope of recieving help that way.

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diff change

what will i have to do to fit a vr v6 diff to my vb

diff change

Why do you want to? If its just for disc brakes get a VB to VK disc diff. The VR diff would need shortening.


Cheers, Tom
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diff would be 244

Early model volvo like 240 series
r normally right width mine is right size for EH out a early 80's 244

i work in engineering is

i work in engineering is there any big reason on shortening a diff myself? only taking a little each end and re-welding the flanges back on?

i've got a hr ute and i was

i've got a hr ute and i was wondering what would be the best option as a diff and what front disc brakes to use and where would i get some from

Mr HR ute bloke

Your a wee bit lost there lasddie
post on the mai page in a fresh thread as many more people will see/read it

UC torry salsbury wouls be right for legnth, yes ?

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