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Can i have some imputs on these Question "PLEASE" ?
I purchased 5 liters of diesel & it was sorta ok , so i went & got 2.5 liters of this koala "crap" stuff from a cheapo shop , i think my piss would have moved more , so i bought some decent oven cleaner & that moved another layer of crap ! the car is 32 yrs old & i think it never ever got cleaned underneath , no wonder it has such good floor pans , rust couldnt penatrate the grime ! i used to use a degreaser called "kenco" dont know if thats the correct spelling but it use to remove everything including a layer of paint ! is this stuff still around? having a bitch of a time finding a store that sells it ? Is there something i can get thats easy to find that actually works ?
Regards: Gav

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Kenco Shift-it is still avail

Kenco Shift-it is still available, I actually bought 5 liters for $10 at supercheap auto just a few weeks ago.

It is good stuff, and when left to soak, will remove anything, kill the grass under the car, and stain like hell if not removed properly. Ive tried heaps of degreasers, and its still the best.


I haven't tried the proprietr

I haven't tried the proprietry stuff - I just mix detergent and kero, brush it on, leave it a bit and hose it off. Seems to work OK. Anything stubborn, I'd use a brush (nylon, not metal), on the second try before I hosed it.


Those $2 cans from supercheap are pretty good, but from memry are a distillate base.... get yourself one of those $70 pressure cleaners, I bought one, got a 2 year warranty and MATE they are AWESOME...

Silence is Non Committal



I use the $2 Aussie Export brand ones from Supercheap. Not the greatest, but they do the job fairly well. They also double as the worlds best lawn killer. I remember a mate of mine wrote a whole paragraph of insults, on the front lawn of someone who had wronged him, some time back. Took a few days to do its thing but it burned deep into the ground and stayed there for at least a month!

"Bundy and Sterlings, who would've thought that would be a good combination?"


Yeah, Kenco will take off even the most stubbon birds knickers. I find the stuff handy to use from the spray on the compressor.

Supercheap sell it



I think Kenco is a great degreaser for the price......
but be carefull when cleaning alloy, it takes off the shine and marks it badly if not rinsed off very quickly.

Two Heads

Best degreaser

I bought a bottle of Lightning TUFF Cleaner/Degreaser at the Farmworld Show at Lardner Park, Warragul a few weekends back and couldn't believe how well it worked on my greasy old suspension bits and pieces and various other dirty rusty old metal parts I cleaned with it. I checked the Lightning website for more info and it comes in either a 4 litre concentrate which can be watered down to a spray & wipe dilution ratio or you can use it as a straight concentrate but I wouldn't as it would be nuclear strength. The 4 litres makes about 80 litres at the spray & wipe ratio they sell in the 500ml spray pack. It is made using citrus oils & eucalyptus and won't kill your garden as it is biodegradeable aswell so no more dead dolphins!! Guys just remember that every can of that petrochemical solvent type degreaser that goes down the drain eventually ends up in the sea - and the fish we eat. I'll be using this Lightning TUFF from now on as it is much safer all round and in my opinion worked better anyway. I have since found out that it was BJ Bearings who was selling it but Repco, Bursons, Supercheap all seem to have it or can get it in for you. Another product I bought that Lightning make is the Eucalyptus Laundry Powder. They call it Euca and I bought 10kgs for $60 but as it is suitable for front loader washing machines I will get 500+ washes as it is a concentrate with no fillers in it, which end up in your clothes & it is especially good on greasy overalls but soft enough for wool. Hope this is of interest as I am very happy with both of these products.

no more dead dolphins...

It certainly is a good 'add' for the product..



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Dont be fooled Tim

Sad thing but true "If it dont kill dolphins, it wont kill grease".
I've wasted oodles of coins on junk degreaser :-(

Nah, not fooled Dusty..

I use oven cleaner. Best stuff around, and it's cheap.



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There's an idea

Caustic sh!t iirc but been a few years since i cleaned an oven, lol.
Will go try it next job, Ta :-)

TUFF Degreaser is the Best I've Ever Used - Tried them all

I agree that the LIGHTNING TUFF DEGREASER is the sh1t!!! I've tried them all and just wish I'd discovered it long ago. I use it for everything around home - washed the weatherboards down & picket fence before repainting it, cleaned 50 year old blackened filthy curdy looking paving in inner city backyard < awesome results just wish I had photo of before I did it as I was blown away how clean it was. Just remember that for degreasing you mix it one part TUFF to 5 parts Water and if it's for general cleaning you mix it 1 TUFF : 20 parts Water. It lasts ages as it is super concentrate. You can use it on clothes for grease stains aswell. It is great around kitchen as it hasn't got petroleum products in it. The eucalyptus is all grown in Victoria near Bendigo from what I found out. I use the EUCA Laundry powder at home but only buy it in 2kg size as it last ages in my front loader as I only use 20gms per wash. I like that it is made in Melbourne so less wasted fuel from overseas made toxic petroleum based products that don't seem to work as well as this stuff. Biodegradeable ingredients but not what you are washing off - e.g. grease & oil isn't. I bought these products from Total Tools at a trade night but I think many stores sell them. Check the website if you can't find it. I highly recommend these ones. I'm trying there Eucalyptus Dishwashing Powder next as I am far from impressed with Finish as I'm getting marks on our new cutlery set from David Jones. Will be interested to see results.


Dead Dolphins found washed up on Rosebud beach.

Possible cause of DEATH,
oven cleaner with traces of engine oil !!!!


It wasn't me..

Mine goes straight onto the doesn't even burn it!



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Dolphin Friendly......Best Degreaser

Why would anyone try to degrease a Dolphin anyway ?


cause I don't like dirty

cause I don't like dirty dolphin steaks?


Built for comfort not for speed....

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