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I have need some new tyres for my ute and me mates keep telling me i shoud smoke the old ones first. Any tips on bagging it up safely without doing damage to my motor/trans. I have a turbo 350 shoud i change gears while smokin it or just leave it in first. By the way i will be doing it on private property and not on the public road so no hassels in that department

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if your mate said ........ ju

if your mate said ........ jump over a cliff, would you????

there is no safe way to do a burnout. especially in an old holden and if its got a banjo diff....... forget it. i lost count how many diffs i blew up from burnouts. ya should love and respect your old girl, i learnt the hard way this. but if ya really must do it. a bit of diesel on the tyre will help start the thing smoking.

thats a big engine

thats a big engine... hence you must have a stronger diff than standard right?

The way I see it if you keep one eye on the tacho and one looking out for anything you might hit you should be fine. do some circle work, that way u wont need to be too rough with the clutch.

Sounds like you are abit unsure of this type of driving, but to begin with if you have a nice big flat area turn the wheel to full lock and then just start accelorating faster and faster until your rear tyres start spinning and you will get the feel of "driving sideways"

You can change up gears if you want, just keep your revs down in general though and you should be right. just remember when the ass end of you car comes skidding round not to be anywhere near telegraph poles, fences, houses, ur mates, etc

Last names aren't important with a Sandman Panelvan ;-)


dont stand on the brake to hard, this puts most of the stress on the drive train. you can put clamps on the back brake lines if you want to do some real skids with little stress on the rear. try and keep the car moving a little and dont over-rev it. changing gears is ok in a shift kitted box but only if your motor will keep the revs up in 2nd or 3rd. if it is going to bog down so that you will need to stop or pull it back to 1st i wouldnt bother as this will wear out the clutch packs in the gear box as well as burn the oil in the converter. just leave it in 1st and skid away!!!

remember that diffs do wear out, tailshafts do snap and when tyres bust the steel belts are nasty on the rear gaurds and especially the paintwork.

keep an eye on your temp gauge too ;)


Yeah stay in 1st gear
Diesel or some old sump oil, liberally smeared on ure tires... will help break traction without breaking your car.
GO FOR IT!!! your mates are right, you MUST burn off the old tyres first.


best way to burnup your tyres without damage 2 your motor/trans is ,put your wheels on your mates car, and SMOKEM TILL THEY BLO!!!!


Yeah smoke them till they pop man! ;-) Don't wreck your rims either though.

Smoke 'em

If you just want to stay stationary and smoke the tires get a couple inches of brake line with the end to screw into your master cylinder. Bend the end over a couple of times and solder it up then unsrew your rear brake line from your master cylinder and screw this in. Then its just a matter of giving it plenty of accelerater and some brake at the same time. Some type of liquid is recomended to help loose traction when you start off. When your done its just a matter of hooking up your rear brake line and bleeding the brakes. Easy done. If you do go ahead with smoking your tyres take some pictures.

Good Luck hope you dont break anything

burnouts 101

...also pump your tires way up to 45 psi or more, this reduces the surface area in contact with the ground and puts less stress on ur drive train

A very wet skidpan helps alot

A very wet skidpan helps alot too :)


i will give you some advice... WATCH OUT FOR COPS!!!!
they got me last weekend and now i gotta go to court.. so make sure u have a police scanner or have a few people looking for cars... ya can get caught even if your in the middle of nowhere like i did.. so be careful... but make sure u smoke em up good.... and get some pics!!


Hey HJ Monaro, the dude said he was doing it on private property. The cops cant do [Naughty Pottyword] if its on private property. And it sux when u get caught else where sorry to hear ur lose.


put bleech on your rear tires this will make the smoke extremely white.

Burnout problems

Dont go on the belief if its done on private property the cops wont hassle you - they will. Mates in the past have had to answer to the dept of transport about noisy trail bikes - as soon as the neighbors complained about the noise - the dept of transport turned up and issued citations for excedding acceptable decible readings. Strange but true - dont beleive me - ask Greg the owner of Superformance -
3206 4400
Another mate is facing court for doing a wicked burnout in his driveway - seems filling the neighbors yard full of smoke still got him a dangerous driving charge- and a charge of creating undue noise and smoke.
The bush lawyers here will always tell you otherwise - but if people are getting in trouble with the law then its not OK....
Plus how much do you treasure your car - is impressing your mates worth stuffing expensive bits?... your call - I was young and stupid too once and payed the price of my car being off the road on many occasions for abusing it.
And here is where it has the potential to get ugly.....Another mate killed his dog when the tailshaft tore out of his HK Monaro. (July 1986) Apart from putting a bloody huge dent and hole in his floor pan - it came out of the car and chopped his dog in two... His two year old daughter ( It was her birthday )didnt see the funny side - she got covered in dog bits- luckily it wasnt her - plus she was standing well out of harms way on the verandah - the dog wasnt- it was barking madly around the car will he pulled his enormous skid.... its stopped barking pretty quickly... Neihgbors reported him to the rspca. He had to move house over that one...
My point is mate that being a dickhead should be spontanous- dont make plans for being a dickhead - this just shows by questioning your ideas first- as you are here- means that you have some idea of being responsible.
Others here should ask themselves how they would feel if he [Naughty Pottyword]ed up big time and hurt himself or someone else watching...
I know we all see the summernats burnouts and think they are pretty cool- these comps are well planned and well orchestrated- plus well attended by the appropriate saftey marshalls and Ambos -etc .
Qute posted up a site by A NWS copper that goes under the handle of creepy- checkout some of his pics as to what happens when a couple of harmless donouts go terribly wrong.
We are all guilty of doing skids - just weigh up your options and make the relavant judgements.Dont give into peer pressure.
Cheers streetneat

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