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Nissan/Datsun Diesel Lift Pump Problem

This tragedy might have been avoided with some more automotive info.

Is anyone sufficiently familiar with these missin' diesels to be able to elaborate (38.00) ... ?

Cold Start power issues

Gday All,

I am having trouble with rough running and power loss when doing a cold start on my 202.
After cranking it runs rough and if i try accelerate it has little power, almost like its misfiring or has gunk in the fuel.
It seems to clear after a few minutes and after it clears it runs fine.
any ideas?

Valve Lifters And Hard Starting Diesels

Compression loss due to valve seat wear ...

He gets a bit confused about the labeling of part 1 and part 2.

and ...

Daimler Benz then got wise and fitted hydraulic Valve lifters to these post 1985 engines. Also useful thermostat info ...

Ej Holden sedan Boot and locks, what other old holdens fit?

Hi I was wondering what other model locks fit an Ej Holden sedan? All I know is that the ej and eh are different with the boot locks but not sure what models will fit. Also I am having trouble getting a set that has the ignition, boot and doors all matching is that normal? All help appreciated.

Interesting Ebay items     (?)This area is inventionally left blank.

N.S.W Pink Slip Inspection

Hi everyone, I took my car for it's annual rego inspection this week and everything was fine. The mechanic asked me if my seat belts and the Celica five speed had been engineered. I said no. He told me that I should get this done in the future because the rules are getting tight. He said my H.R front end should be engineered as well. Do I need to do this. And how do I go about it. Regards Gazza.

internal coloring

Finally pulled the head off HZ's red 202 to put sporty head on...and since I don't normally look inside of my engines, I'm curious about something.
The original head's valves are patchy light gray/white-ish on bottom of valves and the concave part of the head (where spark plug electrode comes thru) and cylinder bores are medium-darkish grey (almost seems to have a slight golden color to them??)
Would I be right in thinking I'm running a bit too lean??
Or,maybe a bit too hot in general...I have been usually using 98 Vortex,maybe octane a tad too high?
Anyway,hope my descriptions make sense...

Lj torana 2 door

Hi my name is John just needed some help with identifying car colour interior colour etc i am missing the tag
And also is this engine original engine thanks
Skinny tag 8811 dd h 303822 j
Vin no CLJ58165 b
Engine no CD459155 SPONSOR

Chassis number on my firewall

Hi, removed the tag covering the chassis number on my ht ute only to find that is a hk?
Hk 15803m. My book says the number should start with 80. Can anyone shed some light on this please.

Dual Jimmies

Each half of this GM built dozer has its own Detroit Diesel coupled to its own Allison transmission ...

brake master

have asked this question before with no comments,so will try again.have fx sedan with original pedal setup,and original brake master.have fitted hr disc front and want to put 1"bore dual brake circuit under floor,but am unsure of how to go about it.i want to eventually get full rego in nsw so I can drive and enjoy more car runs.i hope someone can steer me in the right direction

thanks heaps guys

hump day pic

hump day pic

Took this pic of this sweet humpy yesterday on a ship I work on. I got chatting to the old guy and his wife as they were disembarking and he has had it since new and it is regularly driven . On this occasion it was returning from a short holiday in Victoria. Good to see it driven not hidden away.

Thread Trouble

Thread Trouble

Evening All,

I'm in the process of tidying up a few loose ends with the HR, this involves looking for a lot of nuts and bolts that have been misplaced or used for other things!
One I'm battling with is the thread size/pitch on my Aussie 4 speed selector shafts (^See above^ They're probably called by another name but I will call them selector shafts).
Here's the dilemma: I cannot find a nut with the correct thread size and pitch to suit these selector shafts! I have a second Aussie 4 speed installed in another vehicle so I pinched one of these selector shaft nuts to compare. This borrowed nut fits perfectly on the gearbox in my HR, perfectly! I'll add that none of these threads male or female are damaged or stripped.

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Humpy Dayz >

Humpy Dayz >

Hump Day

Hump Day

Hump Day

Hump Day

Car 13+....

holley conversion

Hi all i have just changed my carbie from a rochester to a holley 465 and need some help setting up accelerator linkages and kick down cable for the th350 im running has anyone done this or has any tips or tricks to doing this would be greatly appreciated

Making fuel from seawater.....

Apparently you only need 23,000 gallons of sea water to make 1 gallon of fuel:
Never mind the energy used during the process, and the energy used and CO2 released into the atmosphere burning fossil fuel to create the fuel for the process. Very efficient. Not.
But it's a carbon neutral process, the US Navy says so, because they are only taking CO2 from sea water and releasing it into the atmosphere or something like that.
This is a family forum so I won't express my thoughts on it.

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