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Mazda 121 Engine Swap

A friend is in trouble with a blown engine in a Mazda 121.

Any tips for exchanging a B3 engine would be appreciated.

Hk Panel Van rear drain tubes ....?


Hi All...

Who can tell me where I can get these drain tubes
for the HK Van ..
I pulled out my ones n yeh well you can c for yourself...
I rang rare spares but they couldn't help..
She going to the paint shop in cpla a days :)
Who else has had to deal with this and wot remedy was used



Important Instructional Video


Thought those Old Holdener's out there with teenagers might like this set of instructional videos.

Please show your teenager. This is a massive problem in our house. Thank God there is finally someone who has taken the the time to help us in our time of need.

Interesting Ebay items     (?)This area is inventionally left blank.

Vk commodore conversion

Hey guys
I'm new here
Just have a quick question regarding wiring
I have an 85 vk commodore vacationer sedan which I just converted to a v8.
Originally the car was a 202 carby with 3 speed auto,
I have converted it to a 308 with 4 speed manual (m21)
Although my vk is an 85 I'm sure that the 308 engine I have used is out of an 84 vk south Australian police car (L31)

I have noticed that the wiring is different at the engine harness plug (at the firewall)
The plug fits but there are afew cables that don't match, I have cut the plugs off both ends to re connect the wires,
Would anyone be able to tell me the colour codes to suit vk 6cyl and 308?
Or does someone have a link I could go to online to find out,
Would be greatly appreciated,
Thank you in advance, Tayler

WB Ute For Sale

WB Ute For Sale

Not mine but is available on a farm between Wyalkatchem and Cunderdin in the WA Wheatbelt. Contact me for contact details. :-)

All I know about it: currently the WB does not have its engine in it, this is a long term project my son has been working on and now has a job in NZ and needs to leave this week the car details as follows : 1983 Holden Kingswood WB -Statesman Front End GTS Dash Bucket seats 4 Speed Manual Retrimmed Interior 308 (not in vehicle) with almost all parts to build engine, thousands of dollars worth of brand new engine parts. Rhys is open to negotiation SPONSOR

Thermo Fans

G'day fellas I'm about putting using thermo fans on the UC when I put the 202 back in after I take the 253 out.
It's gunna be quiet a while before before the V8 go's back becauce I wanna have a crack at rebuilding it myself when I get the time & cash.
We'll anyway ATM my current setup a HQ style scroud & a clutch fan wich is tight with the v8 & with extra length of the 202 I can't keep both. I can iver go std 4 blade fan with the scroud or the clutch fan without the scroud. Or I can something like this


hi guys&girls hope you all are well.i am just wondering if anyone has used kelpro bushes and how is there quality as i am going to be replacing my hz sedan rear control arm bushes.




Perfect start to 2 weeks holiday !

Perfect start to 2 weeks holiday !

This is the result of a stupid old granny in a Getz that hit the brakes and came to a stop in a merging lane onto a bridge because she didn't know how to merge. xr6 Falcon hits granny, Bravo 4x4 flat tray hits xr6 and lucky me gets to drive under the tray of the Bravo !!. Exit one immaculate very low k VT Olympic special .
Could have been worse, at least it wasn't an Old Holden :)

"Original 19722 Miles"

"Original 19722 Miles"

Yeh right.

"Free Postage" on eBay

Any one else getting annoyed whilst browsing eBay, seeing a product that claims "free postage" only to find once you click thru to the product details it is actually "free local pickup", and not free postage at all?

Grrrrr... I've just complained to eBay, I wonder if it will change anything?

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HZ rear spring sag?

gday all,

can anyone pls advise if there's a specifcation to measure the rear spring sag on a HZ kingsy sedan?

me mud flaps have been scraping when reversing a fair bit of late. some mates have commented that it
looks a bit low in the rear.

what do you boys reckon? pics attached. pls ignore the rust holes...blush...getting around to it...


Quaddy Problem Fixed

a couple of weeks ago i posted a question about my carby flooding at start up, had fuel dribbling into the primaries on idle & blowing a bit of smoke.

pulled it apart & found that the needle had been hung from one of the holes in the arm at the rear of the float.

new needle & seat to be safe,hung the needle from the center of the float arm & re set float level.

fitted it back onto the car & it now starts & runs better than it ever has. no flooding,dribbling or smoking.i`m one happy camper

hx brake proportioning valve

Hi guys im wondering if anyone has rebuilt there brake proportioning valve i need the rubber on the large nut but no brake place they want 200 to rebuild have nitrile o rings just rear bolt one i need



Even the carpet is original
Pity about the under dash air, period correct as it was fitted only a year or so into the cars life, (Repco air), and believe it or not, it still works



Hi all. I was cleaning up the water pump and timing cover bolts off the Barra's 273 yesterday and noticed each one had what looks like a nylon plug it. Whats the reason for this. I can't ever recall seeing similar on any Holden/Aussie bolts.

Anyone going to this?

Anyone going to this?

Any of you fellas thinking of heading out to this? If it's a nice weekend I was thinking of going for a cruise in my old tonner to have a squiz :)

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