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From 'merica. A Holden ad.

This was on Jalopnik (American car page) last night:
They love our Holdens over there.
Why the F**** isn't isn't our government saying ' you want to sell your cars here, you will sell ours over there?" Fifty thousand Australians might still have had a job in five years time if the government had any testicles.

EH Crashbox

Just picked up a nice EH. The 3 speed crash box is difficult to engage 3rd gear and barely goes all the way in and then takes a bit to get it to come back out. All other gears work perfectly. I removed the linkages from the box and the problem lies in there. 3rd gear selector was hard to put in using a shifter as leverage and then tough to get back out. The others just click in nicely. I was planning on removing the selector side form the box and had a look in there. Is there anything else i should be aware of or possible problem?

Efi adapter ring

Hey guys, does anyone know where to get the adaptor ring which welds into a non efi fuel tank/cell so you can run the commodore efi fuel pump? I was reading about it on one of Aussietonner posts but i can't seem to find where to buy the ring. Would anyone have a link?
Thanks in advance, Mark.

vx commo

My sons commo dash and indicators stopped working the other day, anyhow today he jumped in his car to head home after work and the commo lost power, no clanking or strange noises, he had to tap the accelerator just to get moving, 20kmph and he just made it up his drive. Now the 64 million dollar question is dose anyone know why it did this I'm a early Holden man I know little past 1979. thanks

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HT/HG Trimatic Steering Column

Hi gents, anyone know of anyone selling a trimatic auto steering column in Melb area to suit a HT/HG ?

Battery Chargers

Hey Everyone,

Looking at buying a battery charger for my HJ just cause she sits more than she rides these days and just wanted to get peoples thoughts about which ones I should be looking at. I wanna spend roughly 100-150 but the options are endless. I need one that can recharger a battery from zero.


Fat Nathan

GMH Fixed Price Service on Historic Holdens at $299.00 LOL


Today's Courier Mail has a story about Holden offering Capped Price Service on old Holdens at $299.00

Vehicles mentioned were FX,EH,HQ as well as older Commodores and it appears the Target Market is something like 2.5

million cars from 1948 onwards .

I can just see Scott dropping off MYEH and watching the Apprentice take off on a test drive.

Appears more detail will be in Tomorrow's Cars Guide Liftout.

something different????

something different????

What can you say, 10 point's for effort. Photo from [Naughty Pottyword]box rallies f/b page.

eh prem on ebay

hydramatic reco

Can anyone recommend a good place to get a hydramatic transmission overhauled in Sydney?

LPG problems for the gurus

I'm a bit stuck here have spend the last week trying to get this thing going when I have time my hx ute soon to be daily once sorted has a 202 with hei with straight gas impco model L convertor with 300a mixer with 2 barrel throttle body to Holley manifold
I have installed a new hec 716 coil changed mixers with one of a running vehicle the mixer is unknown condition and unsure what to look for
It starts fine i left it idle for half an hour but I drive it round the block it backfires and won't start I am a bit lost here so..

What do people set there timing to at idle for lpg

Do you use vac advance (mine is disconnected as have been advised)

What would be a base setting on a 300a from lean to rich in the mixer

Anything else I am missing?

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Red or blue 6 cyl air con compressor bracket HQ onwards

Red or blue 6 cyl air con compressor bracket HQ onwards

I just found this on Speedy Air Spare (Gold Coast) web site. http://speedyairspar...
It's the same compressor bracket that I have on the 202 in my UC it's to suite the smaller Senden 508 style compresser. I just thought some of you might like to know. Also it may not suite pre HQ or LC/LJ due to narrow sub frames.
Cheers Shane

A/C Options

Just wondering if anyone out there has fitted an aftermarket A/C system to their HQ-WB. Looking at something like Vintage Air which are around $1200-$1400 USD for a complete system sans mounting brackets. Alternatively, anyone know about fitting a VN-later A/C system to HQ-WB. I would be interested in anyone's experiences. I'm not interested in fitting the OEM system due to its bulk and ugly components. Thanks in advance.

PCV Holley

PCV Holley

Hi all, got the old 202 recoed and time has come to hook up the PCV and charcoal canister. Ive scoured around but cant find the definitive answer for what goes where. The engine has a 350 holley, can I hook up the pcv hose to the port pictured in the base of the carb? this carb has port for vacuum advance and this one at the base, its about as basic as it gets.
Also correct me if im wrong on the charcoal canister; purge gets teed into vacuum advance line, fuel from fuel tank breather, and carb can be teed into pcv hose?

ht or similar steering box in ej eh

has anyone fitted hk,g,t steering box in an ej or eh,wondering if it would b better than org box, mmm also wondering if complete colum could b used with out any extensive mods, i no an adapter plate mayb needed for box on subframe, cheers

Be aware people.

Hi all,

This morning I went to the local shopping centre to do groceries.

I spotted a beaut UC Torana sedan, canary yellow, pulling into the carpark. The car is all original and in almost prestine shape (must be garaged all the time). I have seen this vehicle here many times so I thought I would sit in my car and check out the owner. Front bench seat, interior looks smick, wheels and hubcaps like new, no signs of rust, could see no dents or scratches.

To my surprise I saw two little old ladies in the front seat. Both of them must of been around mid 80's I'd guess.

All synchro conversion

Thoughts on an all synchro 3speed instead of a crash box in my eh holden that has a 186???
And what is involved?

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