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grey motor g/box

HI all
Anyone got a grey motor gearbox they want to sell at a reasonable price
prefer near Mildura vic
FJ to EK
Leave a msg here i'll check from time to time


Weber 34 adm problems on 202 red engine.

Hey guys
Although I've been reading these forums for years now this is actually the first time I've posted a question. My name is Jacob and I own a 75 HJ Kingswood with a 202 red engine. I've been restoring this car since I was 14 (I am now 19) and have gotten to the point where I'm playing around with modifications. From reading this website and others it seemed pretty consistent that most people love the weber 34 adm on a 202, so I bought one, rekitted it and fitted it. Although I can feel the potential in the carby, I have had quite a bit of grief since fitting it and hoping one of you guys would be able to help me out.

Cold Start cont.

Cold Start cont.

Sorry for the additional thread, only way I know how to post pics!
Looks like I should have a lead going here.
Can anyone tell me where from and what its for?
Thanks for your help - still learning.

Interesting Ebay items     (?)This area is inventionally left blank.

Holden Script Number plate frames

Holden Script Number plate frames

The frame on the left is the Rare Spares copy, whilst the frame on the right is an original New Old Stock frame from 1968 that has never been fitted to a car.

Script and colour is pretty similar, the major difference is how they attache to the number plates - the originals have a full lip on three sides that wraps around the plate, whilst the Rare's version has bendable tangs on all four sides.

correct style "Holden" number plate surrounds

Hi old holdeners,

Im looking for a set of number plate surrounds that were available as a dealer option at purchase for a HT holden. I know that repros are easily available from Rares and that will probably do me but I have a couple of questions.

1) is the repro quality as good as the originals?
2) Which is the correct one for a HT? as there are 2 types available, the curvy running writing style or the bold upper case style. With which models did the different styles start and finish,
your feedback much appreciated.

PS - I cant believe I used to chuck these out years ago as they looked too "grandpaish" to me back then.
oh well live and learn

Monaro / Premier seats

Hey guys,

I got a set of bucket seats I think are from a HK Monaro, They have the little black button to press to tilt seat FWD, for back seat access as well as the winder knob, I don't remember my HK prem having this years ago, only the winder knob, So my question is are Monaro and prem seats different or the same.

Either way I will most likely be selling them, frames are in good nick. need retrim.
any ideas on what they are worth? SPONSOR

Freaking dash facial!!!

Still stripping the old girl down before I get some paint stripper on her and the body work begins.

I'm up to the dash facial and steering column and I just can't for the life of me figure it out. The choke and light switch light things (kinda like brakes on a push bike) are blocking the dash from coming through as they get stuck and I just have no idea. So. We help on how to take this stuff apart would be great.

Thank you all :)

It's alive

Well it's still a work in progress but the 350 is alive.

Inside The Lifters

With that much crud on the valve gear how much lies inside the Lifters ... ?

They seem to be holding lash at very low speed even after decades of none use.

In My Day ...

... You didn't have an abundance of Batteries, so you didn't crank them flat and *then* try to figure out why the engine didn't start.

It fires on the Aerostartyoubugoff, but has not yet pulled through fuel.

Little point in cranking until the Battery flattens. Jeff Bradshaw would hold the Aerostartyoubugoff into the carb mouth until the revs pick up or fill the float chamber through the breather.

Leaving the PCV unplugged isn't going to help either ...

Then he checks the plugs leads. I thought the backfire was a *big* clue.

EH Holden

EH Holden

no need for a message, is there?


He could also try the Aerogard or the Hairspray ...

Why bother casting 3.3 into the block and call them 202's?

Lifter Rattle

Very old post. It sounds like a lifter problem to me (at least) ...

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does anyone know where I can get a copy of bush mechanics it was on ABC yrs ago

They charged a battery in hot coals etc FOUND IT CHEERS

Dip Stick Strike

Our old Dipstick trouble ...

eh wagon zinc strips on back of rear seat

Hi All, looking to buy some of the zinc cargo strips off the back of rear seat on eh wagon.

I believe the same strips were also on fb,fc,ek ej and hr wagons..

the strips are approx. 51cm long and have 3 mounting holes.

If anyone has any to spare I would be interested in buying them.


seen my old car? or own it?

G'day gents, im looking for a picture of my old hj prem. i sold it a few years ago to a bloke in Morwell or Traralgon (Vic) and the photo album i had with pics of previous cars ive owned got burned. Last i saw it it was a lightish green with metal flake, 308, genie extractors and twin 2 1/4 inch sticks, light tan and brown cloth interior out of a statesman (door cards, seats, carpet). anyone with info or even just a pic please let me know. cheers.

red motor fuel consumption... something must be wrong

so i worked out my fuel consumption for my 179 to be 28.1 litres per 100 kilometres.

it definately did seem to be drinking alot lately, i drive very sensibly so im confused, it never used to drink noticable alot.

help decoding hq panelvan

hi guys
can I please get some assistance decoding this tag on my hq van...
BODY NO- 795504-S
TRIM- 1821-30A
PAINT- 568-13134
ENG- L31

Thanks guys

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