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My old HG

My old HG

I vowed I'd never look back but what the heck - does anyone know if my old HG sedan is still out there.
I sold it in 2004 after 17 years of ownership and I heard it was going to be a donor for a Monaro restoration. Hasn't been registered for over 5 years so if that's the case I'd be interested in the shell if it exists.

4 Bolt 3 Speed Crash Identification

4 Bolt 3 Speed Crash Identification

The presence of the circled bolt identifies this as a 4 bolt 3 speed crashbox. The 5 bolt 3 speed crashbox has the Bolt fitted from outside the Bellhousing and from the rear.

Thanks Stock-EJ for helping to resolve the issue.

EH, HQ, HR day........................

EH, HQ, HR day........................

EH, HQ and HR for Tim. The HR has 27000 miles and was pulled out of a garage after sitting there for a long time. As it is in the pictures, it's how it came from the factory.

5 Bolt 3 Speed Crash Identification

5 Bolt 3 Speed Crash Identification

The presence of the circled bolt identifies this as a 5 bolt 3 speed crashbox. The 4 bolt 3 speed crashbox has the Bolt fitted from inside the Bellhousing so it isn't visible without removing the coverplate..

Thanks HRAmbo for helping to resolve the issue.

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body parts re-assembling

I've dis-assembled the front end panels for a rebuild on my WB PV, when reassembling, should I insert any thing between the panel bolting positions - in the way of a sealant or such like, or does it go back together as painted metal against painted metal.

thanks in anticipation
see my Shed Pics - 1981 WB panel van

overheating VS

Hi guys

Yeah its me again with this overheating problem still with the vs I've changed the crank angle sensor , new battery, taken thermostat out and guess what fan don't kick in have by passed it but need help in to fixing it properly without being charged an arm and a leg
Please help I don't know alot about cars...... SPONSOR

308 bolt sizes

good afternoon,

I have a 308 block in the bar a want to make into glass top table. I'm looking at putting 4 bolt on the base into the main bearing bolt holes and into the cylinder head holes on top to hold the glass.

The only problem is im finding hard to get a definitive answer to what the thread sizes are.

Any help would be good


National Museum at Canberra

National Museum at Canberra


Looking for this old Humpy

Anyone know where this van is now?
Have also posted on the FX FJ appreciation page
In the late 80's I had a yellow blind Van in Brisvegas mild modofications I bught it from Big Boppa Brian Pickering
Grey motor
ported polished
head extractors
Dual Strommies
Opel 4 speed
all hidden wiring, clean firewall
HR disk front end
Jelly Bean mags
front bench with gold crushed velvert inserts.
Needed money going through Uni sold it to a mate of my Dads, his name was Ed Buchannan ( sold bibles for a living I think) he was going to tinker with it with his son but sadly his son passed away and I was overseas and lost touch with the family. Anyone know anything about it or its whereabouts?

Echuca, Victoria

Echuca, Victoria

Any of you guys here live at or near Echuca in Victoria? Just got back after a week and a half away and one of the places we visited was Echuca. Older cars everywhere. Visited the old Holden collection, very interesting. The HR wagon I put up belonged to an old fella, it was stolen and recovered 15 years later. The old fella had it restored, but by the time it was finished, he was too sick to drive it. He ended up dying, and the car carried his coffin.
Anyway, the amount of old cars cruizing the streets each day is unbelievable. Most on club rego. Most are standard factory looking cars, and none that I saw had holes in bonnets or other things that attracted attention from the police. No driving like idiots, just cruising. Very relaxing time, it was, while we were there.

Hk boot light location

Anyone know where the boot globe fitting goes in the HK boot. Cannot find a picture to show this anywhere?
is it on the boot seat divider upper middle?

Any AFL Fantasy Players out there?

Or just NRL?

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any body air baged a holden

hi there any one air bagged a old holden

Historic rego 2

Historic rego 2

One of the cars in my panel bearers shop. This is what i like on historic rego, but like i said, I feel oldold now.

Historic rego

I've just seen a tatty, bog standard, bile green VK commodore executive on historic plates. I feel old now.

Car not running like it should

My 2004 vy was overheating I put new thermostat in now it seems to run like [Naughty Pottyword], what could it be ??


Hello guys
I'm installing a VK Commodore rear end under my FJ ute. What other model Commodore wheels (besides VB,VC,VH,VK Commodore) will fit this stud pattern?
Many thanks,

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