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Any AFL Fantasy Players out there?

Or just NRL?

any body air baged a holden

hi there any one air bagged a old holden

Historic rego 2

Historic rego 2

One of the cars in my panel bearers shop. This is what i like on historic rego, but like i said, I feel oldold now.

Historic rego

I've just seen a tatty, bog standard, bile green VK commodore executive on historic plates. I feel old now.

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Car not running like it should

My 2004 vy was overheating I put new thermostat in now it seems to run like [Naughty Pottyword], what could it be ??


Hello guys
I'm installing a VK Commodore rear end under my FJ ute. What other model Commodore wheels (besides VB,VC,VH,VK Commodore) will fit this stud pattern?
Many thanks,
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Disc Brake Master Cylinder rebuild

I'm rebuilding a disc brake master cylinder for a HR. Which way does the last cup go onto the grooves on the piston? They are tapered so does the taper face towards the rear (the circlip) or the front where the spring is inside?

hg heater

hi does hg have to have working heater to pass roadworthy

any info grateful

Hey guys how are we..
so i live in queensland and heard through the grape vine its illegal to mini tub my hq wagon just wanted to find out first before i waste time starting to l;ook into it also any hints tips or recommendations would be muchly appreciated
Cheers Prem Fan

piston 'F' stamp

gday all,

just trying to get a definitive answer on a problem i've got regarding the rebuilding of me 202.

assuming the gudegeon is always offset towards the major thrust side, and assuming the major
thrust side is the camshaft/left side (because the crank rotates clockwise while looking from the front on a 202),
then, is the pictured piston installed onto the conrod correctly? i think it is.

because, i had to return the engine back to the reconditioner (after the current rebuild) because i first noticed the notches on the crown of the pistons were facing the back. i also noticed the heavy/flanged side of the big end journal cap was also facing the back.

hq drivers door lock

Hi. Does anyone have a drivers door latch assembly in Sydney.Mine has a broken spring for the lock button part.
Or does anyone know where I can buy the spring or assembly from.Thanks

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bags into hk ht hg

hi there im looking at air bagging my ht panelvan for something different was just wondering if any one has done this or has any info

Question For Rusty (or other admins)

Hi Rusty

Just trying to create a page about HQ fuel gauges and senders on Holdenpaedia but am unable to create an account. Is this something only admins can do?



Good Afternoon!

Just though id throw up a Piccy of my recently registered (finally) '71 HG wagon weekend cruiser.

She's pretty stock aside from a really decent stereo (2 amps, 2x12' subs, 6x9's and 6' splits all Alpine R Type). Ive been building it slowly since I was 18 - 7 years.

Its a 186 with a 3 speed on the floor. Old speco floor shifter kit with the speco wood knob still!

Ive upgraded all the bushes springs shocks and lowered 2' so no more boat characteristics

HK camp seat

HK camp seat

Found this for sale in the Newcastle area Holden hk or similar bench seat on Gumtree http://www.gumtree.c...
The price looks to be very fair.

EH Special For Sale- Adelaide

Hi Folks,

Up for Sale is my 1964 EH Special.


Any Questions, Pleas feel free to contact me.


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