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TFIF !!!

TFIF !!!

Thank [Naughty Pottyword] it's Friday. Anyone else have a [Naughty Pottyword] of a week?
Here a Firey Firebird to make you smile. :)

We off to the club to watch some talented dancers perform. Care to join?


( She old enough teacher? ;)


Hi everyone hope you all are well.i got a holden hz sedan and going to remove the chasis rails on a 2post hoist. just want to know if it will damage the sill panels if i lift from there its a bare shell.thankyou

Brake Question?

Hi All

Will the drum brake setup from my old banjo fit my new salisbury? (HQ Sedan)

Thanks for any info.

Just found this on gumtree

WARNING WARNING WARNING http://www.gumtree.c...
Cheers Shane

Interesting Ebay items     (?)This area is inventionally left blank.

Banjo diff ratio

Hey guys, looking for advice on gearing for our HD. It was a 2 speed powerglide and is now a 4 speed M 20. It seems to be reving pretty high at 100 kph, 3100 rpm. Looking at changing the diff centre to 3.08 or 2.78 but not sure which way to go. It is running 13" wheels, 205/ 60 /13. Any advise on which way to go, not sure if 2.78 would make around town to slow.
Thanks, Peter.

Hoists???? 2 post or 4 post?

Signed up for my shed today, and getting it big enough for a hoist.
My question is 2 post or 4 post?
I know 4 posters are safer, but are they a pain in the ass for suspension work?

Any knowledge/ideas etc etc appreciated.

windscreen crome retaining clips

Hi all you old holden lovers, i have a hz tonner that i am tiding up i hav the windscreen out but notice that the clips that hold the crome on only has 3 on each side of the centre line were as an hq i looked at had 5 each sidecan anyone set me straight on this ie is there a set spacing. thanks in advance. SPONSOR

5 Speed Celica clutch cover for 161 red engine

Hi guys, can anyone tell me where I can get a reasonably priced clutch inspection cover for a 5 speed celica cast iron box to a 161 red engine for my hr, I am in Sydney

tailshaft for v6 wb

gday all, ive nearly finished installing a supercharged v6 into wb tonner I was going to get tailshaft shortened but I think I read somewere here were someone thinks one from a wb 308 turbo400 will fit. can anyone verifythis or know of one that fits.thankinging you glen. I have also found an engineer who will engineer it for $750 if anyone needs one

Question for admin

Can I delete things that I have posted in the past.thanks

hj ute rust repairs update..

hj ute rust repairs update..

not sure if anyone is interested but
i did some 'repairs' on the ute finally, considering the circumstances i am reasonably happy with the repairs. will likely need 3-5mm of bog. hopefully only 2-3mm

i need to go over the welds another pass i was trying to minimise heat, i did the patch in 5 pieces.

*i realise the rust has affected the corner under the guard, and also i did not repair the inner sill (the car is a daily driver and i do not want to take it off the road)

i dont need to hear people say how crap my welding is, i know its rough, my helmet is having issues where by it doesnt auto darken at times - think the battery has gone.

thankyou, shane

HK brake part

Someone was asking here a few months ago about a special brake part for an HK. It was from a 307 air con car. See front brake line on this Brougham, it has the special part.



Car tastes : warning philisophical jibbering

G'day All

Just a question on your personal tastes in cars. I am finding myself more drawn to factory standard cars than the street machine type modified cars that I have always liked. I am considering the purchase of a 49,000 mile all original, unmolested HK Kingswood sedan, books and all, Pyremont Green with a white roof. It is absolutely mint condition and it is setting my juices flowing. I have always appreciated these cars but never hankered for one. The HK is my favorite Holden and I am finding this one irrestistable,

Has anyone found something similar in their car desires?

Am I just getting old?



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Lokar shifter

Hey all,
I have a lokar automatic shifter that mounts directly to the transmission.
It's a turbo 350 gearbox. Problem I'm chasing is a random audible vibration being transmitted up the the lever. No particular condition or trigger for it but does become more frequent at highway speeds. Is this normal for this type of trans mounted shifter? Anyone had the same issue? Any help would ease my frustration. Thanks

Suspension mods on LH/X Toranas

Just thought I'd share so people can add this to their knowledge base...
After I had my car assembled and on the ground, I discovered that without any shims in, I was running about 8 -10 degrees of negative camber..
Problem is, adding shims would make it worse as it would pull the top arm in.
This is a direct result of replacing the steering with HQ stub axles..
After much deliberation, I decided to follow one of the suggestions as it made the most sense, and believe me, there was quite a lot made, and some wild and woolly ones at that.
The fix is to redrill and remount the upper control arm mounts to the factory A9X position, about an inch lower, problem solved, gave me positive camber, which would both allow me to lower it further, AND put shims in to give it a wheel alignment....

2 irish man

standing at the base of a flagpole , a blonde chick comes ova, wat u fellas up to!! oh! we need to measure the height of the flagpole but we dont have a ladder!! the blonde chick pulls out a spanner n unduz the bolts at the base, thump! goes the flag pole as it hits the ground!she then pulls out a tape measure n measures it!, there u go boys, its 7 meters!,she walks away, 1 irishman says to the other,, u wouldnt beleive it! would you, we need the height not the lengh!! dumb blonde!



Hump Day

Hump Day
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