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SU's running rich

Hey Everyone,

I have 202 with triple SU's running rich.

I spoke to a guy from a SU part dealer and he seemed to think that it could be the mech fuel pump pumping to much pressure. Even tho I am running a fuel reg with gauge.. My float levels are as good as they can be.

What do you guys think?

I am considering trying some leaner needles, as the reg seems to be working just fine...?

any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Radiator hose

Hi there would anyone be able to tell me what top radiator hose there using when running the injected 5.0 L in a HQ ? Cheers

Bosch U-TFU8 Distributor

Bosch U-TFU8 Distributor

Hi All

In the box of goodies(?) I got with the old 253 I bought were two distributors. One is a standard U-TFU8 points distributor and the other is also a U-TFU8 but has a few extra wires coming out of it with some kind of inductance setup. Which would be the better one to install and why? (And is the inductance type I have an "MEI" unit?)


Clutch pedal

Hi all
Just wanting to know the difference between 6 cyl and v8 pull clutch pedals, I have been told there should be 2 different mounting holes under the dash but mine only has one.
Is it possible to use either pedal or will the pull length of the cable be incorrect
I am putting 308 and 4 speed in car which was originally auto
Any and as much info would be great


Article in today's Daily Telegraph "the future of Holden in Australia"……in a nut shell, NO UTES OR V8's! Cars will be built in Germany, as China would not be able to keep up with local demand.
GM is definitely being run by idiots.

naive old fool am i?

gday all,

call me an ignorant, old, naive fool, but why do people remove their car's rego plates in photos?


HR disc brake front end for sale

HR disc brake front end for sale

HR disc brake front end in GC for sale near Ipswich has near new springs $550, contact Tim on 0429 465 696

He also has EJ/H snouts for EJ/H conversion.

Deep pan or thin (gearbox ?)

Need help,
VS Series 2 v8 auto, how do I tell if transmission is deep pan or standard (thin :))
without removing pan and oil first ?

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Wiper pivot seal

I have a question for Dave ? I need to replace my wiper pivot seal in my HQ and I was wondering how you go about doing this ? Thanks for the help guys cheers

Handy not chucking sh!t out

Handy not chucking sh!t out

Found a set of front over riders and a set of old school clear lens Magnum Aircraft landing lights for the high beam..
Had them for around 20 years, just sitting in crates.....
Took out the orange lenses in the indicators and fitted orange globes too
Love being a hoarder sometimes



.pistachio van for Keith

going from 14's to 15's

Hi all, I am selling my 14 inch speedys. 14 x 55/265 and 245 fronts and want to know if a 15 x 10 inch wheel with 4.5 inch backspace will fit under the rear of the hx? anyone got this size wheels under their car?

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