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speedo reading ,, any advice

mmm ok, the speedo needle in my ej, flicks arond , sometimes it reads good at about 40 on wards, i have 5 spd supra box, could it b the cable to short or perhaps in the speedo head its self, cheers n thanks,

Dangerous "Eco safe" hankook tyres!

Hey guys, a quick heads up to anyone who runs hankook tyres. My brother pulled these "Eco safe" hankook tyres off his commodore after only doing around 25 thousand Kay's. As can be seen in the attachments 3 of the 4 are rooted.
First two pics show the front LHS and RHS tyres, they both have bad cracks in the internal and external side walls, with the LHS tyre having chunks of the tread missing from the internal side (the tyres don't scrub or touch anything)
The third photo shows the LHS rear tyre which has two big eggs on the internal side wall.
Why this happened? Maybe it was a bad batch, who knows, but it's a bloody danger and anyone running these tyres should check theirs.

Head bolt sealant for 186

I believe the head bolts go down into the water jacket of the block and hence would need some sort of sealant on them. What do people use? Thanks.

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G'day Can anyone tell me if I can use or convert a 6 cylinder powerglide trans to fit behind a V8


My HK 307 is starting to overheat

Hi All. My 307 overheated two weeks ago, temp light on all coolant vapourised and car parked no damage done.
I ran the factory air con for a little while during the drive, and stopped at a couple of traffic
lights. Drove the HK again today freeway for 20 K's two sets of lights and all good, no coolant drop, but
she still appears hot under the hood.. bit of a mystery to me now.. cant think what the cooling problem could
be, stock standard 307 V8 radiator and quality coolant. So to my two questions..

1. These cars were built to drive all day in Summer back in 68. Do they really need cooling systems upgrades
if they are still factory original. Maybe we have more traffic and traffic lights today !.

Hr ute

I came across a hr ute, needs replacement tub floor sections, otherwise a fixable project, I can buy the car at a fair price, SPONSOR

Bracket identification?

Gday boys

I'm trying to identify this bracket.

I think I pulled it off a 308. Does anyone know what it is for?


ej brake up grade,

lookn at upgradeing to tamdem booster n m/c, wil a 13/16 m/c b ok on drums front n rear,

Back on its wheels

Back on its wheels

After removing the rear springs and lowering blocks and replacing them with new Kings Springs rear springs I wasn't too sure where the ride height would end up. Well after a few kms it has settled down to a perfect height so I'm happy. Now I just need to get a wheel alignment and sort a heap of other small jobs before we head off to the Gold Coast for this years EH All State Run at Easter..

WANTED: EH Spare Wheel Retainer

Hi Everyone,

I am chasing one of these for my dads EH ute.


Its part of floor, where the spare wheel sits.

Does anyone have one that they want to sell?


smokin' ignition

Hopped into the HT this morning to go for my Sunday drive, and a few seconds after starting it up, noticed little wafts of smoke coming out of the ignition key hole. Turned it off very quickly, and there was a noticeable burning smell. I was relieved that no flames were evident. My question is probably a no-brainer. I don't do any electrics, so am I looking at an mobile auto electrician to come to me? I guess it is not worth the risk to try starting it again to drive it to a auto electrician? Also, if this is a short/burnt out ignition, should I order one in advance for the auto electrician to install (rather than having him come twice)?
Appreciate any advice. Thanks!

crash box oil leak

Hi All, Ive noticed a couple of oil spots on the shed floor and tracked it down to oil running down the speedo cable from the gearbox. checked rare spares and the manual but unable to find if there is a seal on the end of the shaft. whats it called ?? where do i get one ???? or do i need to spring for a full speedo cable to solve this problem.....THANKS



Just wondering if anybody out there might have a tail shaft and diff to fit in HK, running 308 with aussie four speed. Would appreciate any help. Cheers.

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Rear Axle Oil Seal

Rear Axle Oil Seal

Just noticed a bit of an oil leak down the back of the RH rear brake backplate, obviously coming from the rear axle oil seal. Have checked the diff level and its topped up. How much of a job is replacing the oil seals on the back axle? Do I need any special tools? Any advice would be welcome. Cheers

Quick question on Au thermo on 202


Could I just confirm that au thermos don't fit on the
6 cyl 2 core radiator as I read on here that they don't fit
but the guy at the wreckers reckoned they can be
made to fit.

Are the 3 core radiators still available new from
most radiator shops ?


Want a HQ sedan

I'm looking for a HQ sedan for a project car in Perth?

Sweet old girl

This pulled up in front of the pub yesterday arvo. Very, very nice old girl.

Sealant products for holden 308

Need some product advice to carry out some work on my 308. I have workshop manuals but they don't talk about specific product, and there's a lot on the market now.

1. Oil pump. Should I use a sealant along with the paper gasket? If so which one.

2. Oil pump bolts to block. Should I use a thread locking compound? Which is best?

3. Inlet manifold bolts. What thread lock should I use?

4. Head gasket. I have ACL Monotorque AX140MT gaskets for heads, should I apply a sealant to either side of gasket or block face? If so what type?

5. Head bolts. Should I change any of these mounts/bolts? Which thread lock to use?

There are countless products available by permatex or loctite now and I want to be sure that I'm using the best products for a holden 5 litre.

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