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V6 stroker

V6 stroker

Stroker V6



Holden v6 crank

Interesting Ebay items     (?)This area is inventionally left blank.

V6 Crankshaft

Would someone who can comply please post up a photo of a VN or later V6 crankshaft?

I'd like to check out the stagger on the big ends.

Further Vapour Lock

Of particular interest at 0:40 ...

Vapour Lock is the common name but it isn't possible to Vapour Lock a Carburettor Engine. The float will simply drop and allow Fuel and/or Vapour to pass.

The problem occurs if the Engine does not get Fuel through in time.

Vapour Lock can occur in those injected systems that do not use a return line and/or have no provision for air purging.

Vapourisation is a better description this problem in a Carburettor Engine.

Good that they reference Percolation (even spell it properly). SPONSOR

temperature variable

this is what happens when cold things get warm,look close at 2:57.

Vapour Lock

Info here ...

Particularly interesting a 3:40.

just found this you-tube thingy in the internets

they've got everything on the internets. i find this interesting so by that theory so should everyone else here at

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Weber 34ADM

Weber 34ADM

Just took off airfilter and saw top butterfly isnt connected to anything, should it be joined to the choke lever? Im thinking yes?
Thanks again

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