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Ummm I have no Words

good thing a picture is worth a thousand of them

HG Steering Column, Recon

Hello Old Holden People.
I am looking for someone in the Yarra Valley area, Lilydale or nearby who can recondition my Steering Column. I am having problems getting the gear selector to work properly.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance, Bill.

Interesting Ebay items     (?)This area is inventionally left blank.



V8 Ute racing are going to change over to Colorado's etc with a space frame and a control engine built by Craig Hasted.

This is a mock up of the Colorado.

good fnp

good fnp

Gday Al. I see your smash pic and I raise you!. My old mans tonner mid 80's after a mk2 440 Cortina crossed to the wrong side of the road causing a 90 kph head on. Cortina driver unfortunately deceased. SPONSOR


Hi all just want to know if vt non abs calipers are the same as abs ones.


Why do i keep getting pictures and advertisements of good looking horny women advertised when I browse this site out .Are they a major sponsor of old Holden.

roller rocker adjustments

Just installed sporty head onto red 202,and put YT roller rockers on also.
Been reading 'rockers and pushrods' section on this site and about lash etc. (Obviously this section refers to standard rockers adj.) but would I set roller rockers much the same?? Or is it completely different??
P.S. the motor recently had mild LPG/towing cam and new lifters etc. installed a few months ago. The new head I just put on is to GTR specs.


Does anyone have experience with a 1990's Nissan Bluebird SSS?
I am trying to fit a new module in the distributor of my nephews car and cannot work out how to disassemble the distributor!
Any advice much appreciated.
I cannot find an exploded view of the dizzy on the net.
It is listed as a U13 Distributor.

Cheers, Mick.

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seat recovering

Hi All
Has anyone had a go at recovering there seats themself with the premade covers?

Leaking Stromberg carb

Leaking Stromberg carb

Hi all,

Stromberg problem. Old tonner starts cold ok, but when revs get high and the choke opens after a slight rev, fuel starts p!!ssing out the hole at the front of the carb - see attached photo.

It's never done that before.

Can anyone advise if a plug or something has fallen out or if something else is causing the issue further inside the carb?

Much appreciated if someone could point me in the right direction.

BTW - I did check out Holdenpaedia and searched this section but didn't find exactly what I was looking for. I also looked in a useless Ellery manual that told me zip, except there's supposed to be a "vapour hose" attached here. Never been a hose on this one for all the 11 years I've owned it.


The restoration process

Hi guys, I want to post the progress of the restoration of my Kingswood, only problem is I already have a tonne of photo's, is there any easy way of doing that on this website??

Thanks guys. :)

Cold Start Power issues - continued

Cold Start Power issues - continued

Couldn't figure out how to post a pic in the original thread.
Heres one of under the bonnet, Im thinkin where the red tube is is where the choke would go?
Any suggestions as to where I should purchase one?

Nissan/Datsun Diesel Lift Pump Problem

This tragedy might have been avoided with some more automotive info (Dead Heart).

Is anyone sufficiently familiar with these missin' diesels to be able to elaborate (38.00) ... ?

Cold Start power issues

Gday All,

I am having trouble with rough running and power loss when doing a cold start on my 202.
After cranking it runs rough and if i try accelerate it has little power, almost like its misfiring or has gunk in the fuel.
It seems to clear after a few minutes and after it clears it runs fine.
any ideas?

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